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  1. Italian Hawk

    How is your life as an online entrepreneur? (or whatever we are doing, is called) Mine is pretty grey

    $100k in the bank? Dang that’s worth like $90 this year. Inflation aside, you’re wasting an opportunity.
  2. Italian Hawk

    Projecting to make 150k this year... What's next?

    Your net wealth isn't high enough to invest in private equity or VC. I'd say keep buying up web properties and growing that income but don't consolidate your income to one thing. Too much reliance on Google or any other aspect you can't control opens up your empire to crashing in a day.
  3. Italian Hawk

    Turning Accounts Legit

    Forgive me if this has been answered in some in depth guides, my searches didn't reveal what I was looking for. Would love you to link me to them if so and we can let this topic die. This isn't necessarily specific to Twitter. Let's say I get an Instagram or Twitter account to the point where I...
  4. Italian Hawk

    Where do i start

    I wouldn't jump into anything instantly based on a recommendation in here. Read the journey threads particularly those from new to Internet marketing or who were at the time. Typically more pages suggests they've had success or at least continued to share their successes. Once you find a few...
  5. Italian Hawk

    The Simple Instagram

    Can you provide details about number of accounts per proxy and your Twitter settings so somebody can analyze and let us know why you're getting those suspensions and verifications? I'd like to understand so I can avoid these issues! Thanks.
  6. Italian Hawk

    I guess I will give out my Product Source...

    What kind of margins ($ & %) are you getting on items overall would you say? I could see it being worth your time if you could pick up several items in a trip and profit $50 on each.
  7. Italian Hawk

    Online Background Removal Sites?

    If you don't want to mess with photoshop, I'm sure any halfway decent programmer could code a pretty simple script to automate it on that site. Worth $50 to avoid messing with cracked versions of photoshop?
  8. Italian Hawk

    $500 a month [Method] I've made a bot that posts comments on 100s of news articles in the comments

    BHW would be a good place to start with it. I think I would refrain from an ebook guiding individuals to specific niches because then you will compete yourself out of the niche in addition to the fact that there likely isn't room for everybody you sell to within that one niche. Personally...
  9. Italian Hawk

    What's the best book you've read about making/investing/managing money?

    I agree with Mac, assumed that would be in here. Age doesn't matter in terms of investing books so long as it's modern era. If you get deep into finance, those earlier books will still be useful. If you only read one investing book, this should be the one.
  10. Italian Hawk

    *(Journey) Turning 4k to 8k.*

    Are you going to update on the company's your purchasing shares in when you do? Also, can you give a broad description of your strategy? I presume it's not much of a long-term holding strategy. Interested to see somebody on BHW putting that money into stocks. I'm a finance guy and it's what's...
  11. Italian Hawk


    MY REVIEW ? 9.5/10 This has been my 3rd VPS provider over the past year and I think I'm done switching. My experience has been great and I thought I'd post a review here to help out the owner and help any bhw users looking for a great vps provider. I have been using a Bigfoot VPS and...
  12. Italian Hawk

    Stock and Finance based JV

    I'd be interested and can do the design, seo and marketing depending on if I'm interested in it. Shoot me a PM as well if you're still looking for somebody.
  13. Italian Hawk

    [Journey]20$ / day with Youtube + PPD

    Good to see that you brought back up that income after the account issues.
  14. Italian Hawk

    My Journey With CPA and PPD + Youtube To 100-200$/Day

    Keep doing what you're doing and it will slowly bring you towards that goal.
  15. Italian Hawk

    PPD Question?

    It wouldn't "technically" be allowed but yes. If it's labeled password.txt they wouldn't know what it's for. If you become a major earner they may question your traffic source depending on how desperately the PPD owner wants traffic.
  16. Italian Hawk

    PPD Question?

    Most PPD sites are not going to allow movies to be uploaded. Movies and music are pretty standardly not allowed thus the file size limit. You could upload the file for free somewhere for them to download and password protect the file. That way you just need to upload a password.txt file.
  17. Italian Hawk | Most Advanced & Unique PPD | Weekly Payments | Link Locker + PPD | $1.72AVG

    I was going to say, must be a lot of the foreign traffic. Adscend isn't the greatest with foreign traffic and adwork isn't much better (although they are better).
  18. Italian Hawk | Most Advanced & Unique PPD | Weekly Payments | Link Locker + PPD | $1.72AVG

    Please explain to me how the CPA networks you use are better? You use AdworkMedia and AdscendMedia for all 5 offer slots for me (and I'm from the US), just like FileIce and ShareCash.
  19. Italian Hawk

    [Guide] Making money with Facebook+PPD by Rohit00033

    Like the others, I'm interested in getting the password to this as well. Even if the guide is 95% focused on advertising cleanfiles, there is still likely going to be a useful Facebook piece to it. Whether or not it is your typical every day Facebook tactic or something unique is what will...
  20. Italian Hawk

    New PPD Pay per Download Website 2$ avg per donwload (BucksRoad)

    It is a turnoff if the PPDs files are uploaded on them yes. The PPD site itself is targeting promoters, the download pages are targeting downloaders. That's why file mirrors are there.