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  1. sarfrazk9

    Site Got affected by Google Core Update

    It's not about black hat, Google sometimes even hits the white hat sites. I have been hit too for multiple times but recovered. Some of my competitors didn't even though their sites were better in terms of content and link profile.
  2. sarfrazk9

    Site Got affected by Google Core Update

    Shall I show you several sites which are completely white hat and still didn't recover after the May update? I have been in the business for 8 years and watched white hat sites fall like crazy. So, stop assuming things about me and be more familiar with the blogging space.
  3. sarfrazk9

    Site Got affected by Google Core Update

    Done means it's over for your site and it won't likely recover.
  4. sarfrazk9

    Were you affected by March 2023 broad core update?

    I was affected two weeks before the update. So, technically even when my lost traffic is back by a little, I don't see any significant impacts.
  5. sarfrazk9

    Showing an Image with a Link without Downloading an Image to the Site. Adsense Approval

    I don't think it will have any problem with that. I use the URLs of products from their original sources.
  6. sarfrazk9

    How does title multilingualism help with videos?

    So do you have different youtube channels for videos or do you change the titles or have different language titles for different videos?
  7. sarfrazk9

    Will I face dupe content?

    Make sure you de-index your previous site completely and then you are good to paste all the articles on the newer one. I did the same recently.
  8. sarfrazk9

    Does deleting Google Analytics affect the ranking?

    No man. Google analytics has nothing to do with rankings. It's just a tool to monitor your traffic.
  9. sarfrazk9

    Site Got affected by Google Core Update

    If you are hit in the first few days, there are two possibilities: 1. Your site recovers after a few weeks automatically 2. Your site is done.
  10. sarfrazk9

    Occupations that will be most in demand in 2030

    Never thought jobs would look so terrifying :alien:
  11. sarfrazk9

    Someone Tried to trick me but they revealed a method !

    It's a scam and I have received two emails like this 2 years ago. I was worried at first but I somehow understood that it's just a scam.
  12. sarfrazk9

    Q: Who can learn SEO?

    Another "SEO Expert"
  13. sarfrazk9

    How i ranked first for hard keywords and generated 10-40k visitors with 0 backlinks

    That's a crazy good journey. Never saw it from that perspective but surely we can find other ways for our affiliate and informative sites.
  14. sarfrazk9

    Anyone using Ezoic Humix?

    I am using Humix. I get around $0.3-$0.5 for 700 visits per day on my website. I know it's low but these days any earning is good :p I actually run a Youtube channel and I upload videos in every 3 days. Whatever I publish I import to my Humix studio and I display two videos on the website. I...
  15. sarfrazk9

    Did the SEO update affect you?

    Not significantly but there is one change I have noticed. My bounce rate has decreased by 10%. I don't know why.
  16. sarfrazk9

    YouTube Video channel clicks collapsed, channel is generally doing poorly despite good videos. Why?

    Your channel is doing just fine. You have to keep uploading. Not all videos perform well and that's a fact. You need to grind for several months before you can actually see good results. Be consistent in uploading.
  17. sarfrazk9

    Finding Longtail Keywords

    I use keywords everywhere and Answerthepublic. Then I do manual search for low competitive keywords.
  18. sarfrazk9

    Are Google stealing contents from websites now?

    Google trying to be smart these days. Fetching answers from the website and showing them in the SERPs along with a dozen product recommendations. Google wants to have it all :rolleyes:
  19. sarfrazk9

    I'm tired of working for somebody else

    I would never recommend leaving your job because you don't know how hard it can be to struggle through your own projects when you can't earn good money. Take this advice from this self-employed blogger with 8 years of experience. There were times when I wanted a job and will still be down for...
  20. sarfrazk9


    WIth the amount of information the OP is giving out and his reluctancy for not giving out any review copies, I think moderators should at least ask him to list out what money making machine he is talking about. Nobody is going to buy something which doesn't give out any detail whatsoever. If...