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    Need Idea/Solutions- Registering and Creating Posts in my Own SMF Forums

    As the title suggests, I have a couple of blank SMF forums that I need to post to. As the forum script doesn't allow creating accounts from same IPs I need proxies to register users and then create posts. That;s probably one idea to start registering dummy user accounts. I can use the same to...
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    $300/day Method *REVEALED*

    The OP must have made the said money but see that was back in 2010. Even then I don;t think the 'bought' 100k 'likes' are real human people. So the chance of them responding to any CPA offer is kinda doubtful. Anybody reading this thread now in Nov 2012: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!
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    Looking for a CPA Program for Authors List

    Guys, I have a list of authors/wanna-be authors. I am looking for CPA programs that I can promote to this list. I already have signed up with Creatspace- they have a good $8/sign-up plan. I am looking for more such programs where my list gets access to valuable author/books centric information...
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    [METHOD] Starting fresh in a new niche, how to get traffic to main product site.

    Man you can easily compile all that and sell it as a 'package'! Good stuff and definitely a method- not essentially something I will do. Some points-- 1) When you create 1 + 24 niche sites why don't you think more seriously about a proper linkwheel. You say 24 niche sites will not link with...
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    21 Ways rich people think

    Does that make a difference?
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    [HELP] New Forum Sandboxed due to Posting very Fast

    AGREED. You got penalised for too much dupe content. Why the hell would G show your threads higher up when there are tons exactly similar posted and indexed before you?
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    Getting started advice.

    I would say- too many products. Stick to your keywords that's where it all starts. It'll be dead hard to generate right traffic for all those different product categories. Not saying, can't be done, but hey start simple, master the process, rinse and repeat- that is IM.
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    Need Partners to Market/Sell my INFOGRAPHIC service

    To get any image get you SEO benefits-- You have to name them right. Use the right Alt text Now with Google's enhanced image reading algo people do believe that keywords can be used in images. Hence, a BOOM in infographics for SEO purposes.
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    Need Partners to Market/Sell my INFOGRAPHIC service

    Yeah, I normally do the research and write content. Mostly I give a 400 word post that you can use elsewhere. I need written data to start working on the design. Sent you PM with samples. I have only just started to freelance so building profile that I can show but have been doing this for a...
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    Need Partners to Market/Sell my INFOGRAPHIC service

    Thanks mate, sent you PM with samples. I am just starting out freelancing. Have been doing these infographics for my client company for dirt cheap until I was told the going market rate is MUCH more. Still , I will want to focus on the creative side and find partners who can sell my service...
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    Need Partners to Market/Sell my INFOGRAPHIC service

    Guys, You would have noticed that infographics are the new buzz word online. Everybody want them. But theye are tricky to create as you know people who are good in both design side an content writing side. I have done infographs as part of my job as a content creation guy. As a freelancer I...
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    Which Project Management tool do you use?

    Depends what you want it for. We use Basecamp and it's right there at the top. But we have to manage a diverse workforce of 100 odd people scattered all over the globe in all different timezones. Z
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    Creating newsletter opt in form in html

    Mailchimp is good, but you are it's 2000 free subscribers. Last time( some time back I Must confess) it was 250 free subscribers. But yeah, for sure signup with a good autoresponder/email service, Mailchimp and Aweber both great!
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    Best Press Release Distribution Service?

    PR online distribution still works...wouldn't you be spending that money on other better link-building activities?
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    How to handle page content that are considered duplicates by crawlers

    Yes, the answer is canonical tags. Look up on google how to use them but here is the theory behind them-- You gotta first find out similar content on your site/blog. You have to decide which you want to define as 'original' and which one as 'seconary'. This is the best way you can tell search...