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    Savy Buyers, Tell Me What's Wrong With These Stats...

    Thanks for the from everyone that responded. I did have full analytics access and that is why I found the stats weird. Once I brought it to the seller's attention he removed my access to analytics. One of the weirdest stats was that about 50% of the traffic was "returning traffic" which...
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    Savy Buyers, Tell Me What's Wrong With These Stats...

    I thought the click through ratio only applied if the user actually went to page 6 if is was position 78 and there was an option to click the link. If not then yeah, I agree, something is way off. The alexa rank is around 350K which is actually in line compared to some of the other sites I...
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    Savy Buyers, Tell Me What's Wrong With These Stats...

    I'm purchasing a site but have come across some oddities in the analytics. I haven't see this before and I'm interested in knowing how this can be done. It looks like bots are searching for words and clicking onto the site in analytics but they aren't being logged by the queries. What do you...
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    Site earning $3-8 a day

    Well if it isn't a niche with a short life and like or let me know the domain if you're interested in selling.
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    Site earning $3-8 a day

    If it requires little to no work to run I would pay about $1000 for it if the niche will be around for a long time.
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    I pulled my 301 Redirect. Now my site isn't re-indexing?

    I've had a site for months that had an old 301 redirect and the index page still isn't indexed correctly. You should have done a temp redirect if you knew you were going to put it back online.
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    How do I find this car part?

    Take out the bulb and check the wattage. Try searching for a socket for that wattage. It will probably be 50x cheaper than a "mercedes" socket. Just make sure it is a simple two wire connection.
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    WORDPRESS QUESTION: How do I change my main page?

    Log-in Settings - Reading - Select the radio button " a static page (select below)" The page you select will be the homepage. You have to create the page first though to do this.
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    Offline Marketing -- Should I drive a lamborghini?

    I work with a lot of general contractors and when I'm getting bids on new projects I do pay attention to what they drive. The contractor that shows up in a 60K truck is the one I immediately think will charge too much.
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    How Powerful .info domain?

    I agree with MagicMike. It took me a year to index a .info while other TLD's take a day or two.
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    Journey Of 18 To $100k/month Through Adsense/Affiliate Marketing ONLY! Live Case Study

    What's your flippa username? I buy sites on there occasionally and am always on the lookout for adsense sites (especially authority sites).
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    How much does it cost you to live?

    I save/invest $5000/month. I have two extra rooms in my condo that I rent out so I only pay $1200 of the $2,400. I'm good for now.
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    How much does it cost you to live?

    Age: 27 Number of people: 1 Location: Los Angeles, CA Mortgage: $2400 Utlilities: $250 Car: $350 Gas: $250 Auto Insurance: $150 Health: $78 Food: $150 Recreation: $1000 Misc: $200 Taxes: $2500 Total: $7,328/month
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    Is it normal if your backlinks get indexed while your money site not?

    Is it a .info? I've found those take longer to index.