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    Which country I should move to?

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    Want to know a bit abour forex.

    FxPro broker is ok for small deposits. Start trading on eur/usd 4H with ichimoku and price action. Google for "trading naked" and "reading charts bar by bar". You will be in profit after half year training on demo account. Have a good pips :)
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    Can anyone tell me what CMS is used in these two sites ?

    I think it is iVidPlay:)
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    Powerful Web 2.0 Linkwheel Service @ Affordable Prices : Full Report

    Thank you BHW, I am interested Edit: 12 minutes after :(
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    Is IM your main source of income?

    nope, my main source of income is forex and stocks trading
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    Merry Christmas : Free Custom Autoblog for first 50 People.

    I am taking one :) PM/mail sent. THANKS
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    Demonoid is back in business

    owned! :) thanks
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    Auto creates 1000's of blogs and lets you control them.

    what about some kind of all-in-one basic stats? you can save all nfo to file on pointed server and later read it with app. It will be nice to see ie. uv-s in this app :) just simple code. In which programming language are you writing it?
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    Wordpress 2.9 got released :-)

    rel=canonical :banana:auto database optimization looks good too :)
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    Gambling Affiliates - How to Make Money?

    i have gambling portal and looking for some new things to promote cause... I forgot about it and now I would like to update something there :) I will check all mentioned hear but for those who asked for PM: I am looking for something new or maybe co-operation. Only serious information please.
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    Google toilet

    true :)
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    How to earn €100 per day with White Hat SEO

    +1 for you :)
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    Anyone doing Stock Trading?

    I trade it and also forex market. I think the same. Not good time to invest in stock market right now with serious money. To be honest... I am waiting for next crash :p Everyone is shocked when it come but... I it is a HUGE oportunity to earn a lot. Think outside the box :)
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    Forex Worth It?

    In my opinion... all :) Everything for newbies. Real profiting traders dont sell their methods. eBooks are very lo quality with myths only, courses are... going to make you homeless dreamer, EAs... will lose all profit in one trade :) If someone can trade... He trades:) If someone only think...
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    IM LIFESTYLE: Where's the Best Place to Live With 100$/day?

    Sorry mate... you dont know much about trading. This is gambling and you only get lucky ;)