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    The Most Advanced WP Plugin For Getting Masses of Free Viral Traffic To Your Website

    The plugin does not work like before, I does count new likes but they are not loged to facebook users wall like before. Is this bug with my wordpress template or do I need to update plugin?
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    Does that Facebook "They Like Me" Plugin Still Work?

    It does counting but it does not post like to users wall and hey have to click it twice to just count
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    I think in the near future there will be no need to approve manually google is just tesning now in a few months or at least a year there is going to be auto aproval
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    The Most Advanced WP Plugin For Getting Masses of Free Viral Traffic To Your Website

    NEEDS URGENT UPDATE! script does not work like at begining it look like facebook has overcome auto-click, there are no more likes, the popup asks visitor to like manualy: check please on my site the facebook asks for like confirmation like_confirm.php?
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    I WANT TO USE 3 SCrapeboxes at the same time.any idea ?

    just put scrapebox in other directory in your program files copy scrapeboy dir to scrapebox2 scrapebox3 etc... you can have as many as you want, just run it in seperate directories
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    Working youlikehits bot, free

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  7. W Daily Web2.0-Blog Comments-Bookmarks-Xrumer-PR Profiles-Articles & more

    you don't need to write this, because we all already know if it is not approved it would not be there :) but thanks for info
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    Elite Private Proxies by SquidProxies - Guaranteed Working - Exclusive BHW Discount

    Buy a VPS 128mb memory and add IP under 1$ how many you want, use them as proxy, send unlimited emails and everything
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    List of CPA Networks

    Why can you explain why to apply them all?
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    Can't Get Accepted? READ THIS!

    If you say you are professional spammer they accept you even faster because they know that spammers have great methods to market anything even the hardest sex or gambling offers.
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    Want to join Bet365 affiliate program but don't have a website, any help?

    you don't only need a website you need good website with content or pr like this at least
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    script to null

    Any nullers here, I have one good script to null, and I pay and share it. please contact me
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    [RELEASE] Facebook Fan Page Inviter [WORKING 100%]

    why would someone write in the title of a thread [WORKING 100%] ?? yes because he thinks it does not work :D
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    iMacros vs uBot?

    why buy imacros if the is firefox version for free?