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    Looking for a coder to make a simple site

    hello basically i almost have the website ready i just need a javascript code to send emails automatically pm me if u can do that
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    Looking for someone who knows python + selenium

    Hello friends, I'm looking for someone who can write me a python script which implements into a browser with selenium It would be a very basic code Msg me for skype
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    Getting no video views on new accounts

    Good point, do you know if there's a simple software that will add basic effects and stuff ? I want this process to be less time consuming instead of doing premiere pro etc.
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    Getting no video views on new accounts

    I made a new account yday and posted a video right away (some random vid i had lol) it got 500 views in a few hours, then i tried uploading a vid with a girl and its stuck on 0 views for a day now (ive edited it with some text) maybe there's OCR on tiktok which I doubt, or I just had to add some...
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    Need a guy to scrape pictures

    I need scraped pictures from vsco, I got a mass downloader tool, you gotta scrap the pics then filter them manually deleting the unnecessary ones. Hit me up here for skype contact
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    ★WebeMax Design & Development Services★ SalesThread, Wordpress ,PHP ,eComm ,Logo at Affordable Price

    I'm vouching for this guy, he got the job done and even helped me a lot to set up my website & database (i'm noob at this lol) had a bunch of problems, but he was always there to help, thanks
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    ★WebeMax Design & Development Services★ SalesThread, Wordpress ,PHP ,eComm ,Logo at Affordable Price

    Just ordered landing page from him, I will updated in 4 days once it's done :)
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    PayPal Solutions - Send Receive & Withdrawal - Remove Limit from PayPal Easily

    Purchased yesterday, hope they come tru fast
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    panel name xfroze, pls allow credit card thanks
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    [Help] Making Money off of my Tik Tok Account(s)

    your traffic, leave the monetization to me, hmu
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    - The SMM Panel for Providers & Resellers! ✅

    review copy please username: xfroze
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    [Open Beta] TikTok Automation Bot

    Hey there, looking to give this a try lmk if there are still open slots
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    Looking for a BTC wallet that:

    1) Allows instantaneous purchase and then sending 2) Has minimal fees 3) Isn't overly complicated to use 4) Of course, also safe, secure, etc. etc. 5) Allows me to use it in my current locality Failures: -Blockchain (doesn't work where I live) -Coinbase (no instantaneous send) -Exodus (couldn't...