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    My first instagram journey

    Nice growth and cool journal man! Same as Mathboy, you are not adding posts or are you rotating your 6 posts? Also when/how do you plan to monetize these? Off the top of my head since it is fitness niche maybe acai or weightloss like old school MLM offer haha but CPA seems more feasible to me.
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    10 Guest posting Mistakes

    Thanks for the information, I always wondered about how to approach blogs for guest posting and you give some good tips in step 9. Thank you.
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    Thoughts on making a (BHW) Crypto Currency.

    Haha, you could tell as soon as he said first blah blah get this. Classic.
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    Web designing company

    Hahaha crazy necro thread guys. If anyone is looking for small business websites or landing pages give me a PM. Anything that isn't too grandiose I'm happy to do at a reduced price because I'm building my portfolio.
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    Why YouTube Remix Channels Make Money Without Problem

    Yea I think a lot of remix videos don't get as much traffic as you think. Original content is more key. Unless you are doing compilations.
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    What I learned From BHW: Some Insight From A Relatively Lazy Lad

    Might I ask your age? Teens, Twenties?
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    Tips on ranking on low com. keywords?

    Maybe put the CPA landing on another domain then work on the website straight SEO. Maybe improve your ranking? I don't do much blackhat so idk how google sees the cpa in there.
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    How do I deal with massive shipping costs?

    Gotta buy in bulk, its because of customs probably. Get a big shipment and it will lower your shipping cost per item.
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    [Journey] The method that works for me for CPA using Twitter

    Very Informative journey, thank you for the information. CPA is one of my favorite monitization methods, do you have your own landing pages on a domain or do you link straight to the ad offer?
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    Very informative report ty. I used to run a movie streaming website in the past as well. But I had to do everything manually so it wasn't worthwhile especially with the wordpress posts and uploading to someone elses mirror, but the way you incorporated a script and a database is very intelligent.
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    Back to BHW

    I just came back to BHW for the first time in many years as well. I used to do wordpress and CPA but now I am looking to increase my momentum on IG. BHW is a great place to glean information about modern internet and digital services and techniques.
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    Free 500 Instagram Followers

    Hello, I would like to take part in your offer, sending PM now.
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    [FREE] 1000 Instagram Likes or 100 Instagram Followers

    Could I get the followers? Sending PM