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    like to learn blackhat seo!! please somebody..

    Yup, you just failed
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    like to learn blackhat seo!! please somebody..

    You're asking this question on a site called "Black Hat World" look around, and don't wait for people to give you the answers. SEO101, be resourceful or you'll fail. You may have just failed.
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    A little strange "G00gle dance"

    Seriously, the "dance" that all of you are speaking about is not a dance at all. It's a datacenter calibration. It happens with new sites as they start to index, that's how Google checks performance in the beginning before it decides what to do with your site. It's like an A/B test, only across...
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    immediate HELP pls -- how to find out if certain site is doing ppc or not.

    Wait, so you haven't done a rank tracker yet? Have you done any keyword research? It's easy to fake traffic, but you should be able to determine where the traffic is coming from relatively easily. Check his Analytics or even the server traffic... Also, PR1 doesn't matter, PR doesn't matter...
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    Anyone have experience with SEM Rush?

    We used to use it for our PPC campaigns, and it was definitely worth the money. You can see what people are bidding on keywords, and outbid them pretty easily. That was like 2 years ago though, so things may have changed. Compete is good too.
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    On Page Optimization Resources

    try setting up Google webmaster tools, and going to the Google webmaster blog. Most of the on-page stuff you find around here is pretty basic, and sometimes just flat out wrong. You can download the SEO Bible from Demonoid or any other torrent site, and it has the most detailed explanations of...
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    Keywords In the Domain

    Good point. I don't understand why anyone wastes time in these ridiculously saturated niches. Even if you have an exact match, you're not very likely to rank based on that alone.
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    Keywords In the Domain

    There were a lot of people talking about it over the past couple days. Some of the commonalities that have been noticed are where ads are placed in the pages, H1 relevancy to the overall site topic, and a few other indicators that something like this is down the pike. We'll have to wait and see...
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    Problem Adding H1

    Terrible advice. Use an H1 tag, just hand code it somewhere into the theme. Something like: <h1><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></h1> Super easy to do. NEVER IGNORE YOUR H1 TAGS... Jeesh.
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    Received backlinks from big sites, now i received a penalty?

    BTW, the "Google dance" is an overused phrase by people who think they know what they're talking about, and it's not common for a site to jump up, then fall in the ranks in a short period. A site with good SEO will move consistently up through the ranks. If your site doesn't have consistent...
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    Received backlinks from big sites, now i received a penalty?

    Well, topic focus is a part of the recent algorithmic update, so if your site is too broad on the topic spectrum, even having big links won't save you. Matt Cutts always talks about the user experience, so if your content is at all confusing to the user, you might see some dropping as well...
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    Keywords In the Domain

    I have noticed that on exact match domains lately, they haven't been ranking as fast. I wonder if they've already started implementing some of this already. I'm glad that some of the people on BHW actually pay attention to legitimate SEO news. I think Google is going to make some more big...
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    FREE blog commenting links to get your suggestions

    Wow, a bunch of unrelated links, and now that PR3 site is linking out to unrelated sites. It's only a matter of time before that page loses rep value.
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    How Much To Charge for SEO

    Say's the guy who's about to get his mom's bosses site removed from the google index... Lol. If it's so easy to rank for, why would you use scrapebox? I have a feeling this is going to end badly. But... You get what you pay for... and your mom's boss is about to learn this the hard way.
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    LF White Hat Seo Expert - Aged Domain

    Not paying anything upfront? Yeeeaaaah, you're going to get a lot of responses...