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    Curve DAO Token (CRV) - Another gem with huge potential for 10X - 20X gains

    Ummm.... pretty sure you'll b broke in no time with that strategy
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    YT downloader

    Thanks for the recommendation Man... Works great!!
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    Big Money Maker Donation To You $$$ Check THIS OUT

    Relax Man...., dude was initially just throwing an idea out there and maybe get the wheels turning for some. Not selling shit for 1K. I'll guarantee that....., other than marketers...., 98% of people on FB have absolutely no clue about how any of this Marketing/Monetizing works. As the...
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    Funny hack on Check this out before it's gone :D

    LOL... That's funny. Gotta wonder..., Who the hell ever figured this out to begin with??? :prof01:
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    Failed at media buying - lost $215

    Take note of Prospect7s' emphasized word. TARGERTED - dig deeper..., where were these people coming from..., and before that..., etc.. :) Use this experience to grow.
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    Hello from Oklahoma!

    Welcome sdockery!! I'm in SE OK. Take Wiz's advice..., you find all you need to get started. :cool:
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    Couple of WF reviews needed. Will give you a review copy.

    I'll give you a hand Man. .... Let me know.
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    Fiverr not working?

    Yep. It's not just you...
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    Is fiverr down?

    Yep. - Same here
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    [GIVE-AWAY] 50 .EDU and .GOV Backlinks!..

    I'm In!! Thanks!!!
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    All Pinterest users: please read (beta tool)

    I would be glad to help out if any spots remain. PM is cool.
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    [PROVEN METHOD] Dominate Pinterest - Make $$$

    Here you go...
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    Dropshipping Electronics Products! Great Price!

    So...., In other words.. "I'm trying to scam some money and I'm creating a reason why nobody will hear from me for a "couple" days.".. or..., legitimately read: .. [I'm moving to a remote part of the planet where there are no computers, phones, or internet connections] :rolleyes: Hmmm...
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    [GIVEAWAY] Medium Quality US Female Pinterest Accounts - Also Free Invites Inside

    Update... The Team has replaced all non working accounts and all are in working order. Great Customer service and follow up! Thanks
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    [GIVEAWAY] Medium Quality US Female Pinterest Accounts - Also Free Invites Inside

    My Experience... Received 8 Pinterest accounts from Mr.Profit. All had Twitter and emails as well. Could only log into 3 Pinterest accounts and they had a realistic picture and 1 line in the bio. 0 boards, 0 pins, 0 likes, 0 followers, 0 following.