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    Sharing my experience with Tiktok (made X,XXX$ pretty fast)

    How much time were you spending each day to manually manage 3 accounts per phone across all 7 phones, and how much time are you spending now by managing things with pc-based automation?
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    Sharing my experience with Tiktok (made X,XXX$ pretty fast)

    I'm a bit confused now. I thought you were only using actual phones for all of your accounts. However, now you've indicated that you're only using 1 phone manually for your 3 biggest accounts (which you're keeping for now) while using a pc-based python script to manage your other 25 accounts...
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    Sharing my experience with Tiktok (made X,XXX$ pretty fast)

    Have you found a way to automate or semi-automate any of your process for downloading and editing/cropping videos before uploading them to your TikTok accounts?
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    Anyone else use a gmail + alias for bhw email get locked just now?

    @leechesBleechin My post from yesterday also brought a similar issue to light that I had with my own account. BHW admins are aware of problems with some members who are registered with Gmail email accounts. It all goes back to yesterday's Google's worldwide outage which is still impacting some...
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    Did Google's worldwide outage hurt the forum's notification & login system?

    NOTE: I've already put in a support ticket regarding the following issue. That was before I did some testing on my own which seems to have at least temporarily resolved the issue. About 9-10 hours ago, I stopped receiving BHW email notifications in my Gmail account. When I finally visited...
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    Efforce already valued at 3 bil

    Truth. It's getting old seeing people spread the lie/misinterpretation of any billion-dollar or higher TRUE/REALIZED market cap for WOZX. Plus, I'd be concerned with wash trading possibly inflating the price and trading volume on sketchy exchanges like HBTC.
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    Sharing my experience with Tiktok (made X,XXX$ pretty fast)

    For managing 3 accounts per phone, do you manually login and logout of each account one after the other, or do you use a cloning app to stay logged in to all 3 accounts at the same time? For NordVPN, do you use a new/separate VPN session for each separate account each time you use them, or...
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    [TUTORIAL] How To Get USA Audience on TikTok

    Could you answer this question? Thanks.
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    Creating TikTok accounts

    @Lord46 I meant regarding the OP's original question about Bluestacks & TikTok. Anyone have any thoughts?
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    Sharing my experience with Tiktok (made X,XXX$ pretty fast)

    I have a few Android phones laying around that are going unused. I'm thinking about using them testing them out on TikTok like how you've described. Could you or anyone point towards a tutorial or share any tips on how to set things up properly with multiple Android phones?
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    [DIY] How To Create Your Own 4G Proxy

    Could someone answer this question from awhile ago, especially the first part about using mobile phones?
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    Questions about creating 4G mobile proxies

    @BetterKnow Any help with this?
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    Creating TikTok accounts

    Any answers for this?