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    Coinbase warns its 98million customers they may lose ALL their crypto if company goes bankrupt

    What is the point of keeping it in cold storage if isn't worth anything ?
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    Exit all crypto market, the biggest dump of all time is coming

    Bitcoin probably going under $3000
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    BTC crashes 10%!

    hopefully this scam going to $0 this time
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    ⚡️ Potential BTC, ETH liquidation map.

    "it could be a big gamble" bruh, bitcoin is a gamble since 2009.
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    Looking for next SafeMoon

    You would be better off giving that money to a beggar on the street..
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    And this is why you should get rid of Wordpress...

    Please explain how is this related to Wordpress, like at all ?
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    Bitcoin will hit $200K in 5 years

    Probably the guy bought when it was $70k and now looking to unload his bags onto someone else..
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    How many of you never owned any crypto ?

    i had some BTC like 8-9 years ago, and sold it recently... cryptos is over anyways.
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    ❌ Google Analytics is "illegal" in the EU

    Well, thats kinda true and no government is perfect, but EU seems more fair than USA anyways so.....
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    ❌ Google Analytics is "illegal" in the EU

    That's totally ignorant to say. EU is more advanced than the US when it comes to privacy and consumer rights. I would argue that they are making such laws exactly because they know how these things work and how is data processed. They are totally aware of what tech companies are doing.
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    Where Do You Store Your Private key

    I don't bother with it. That's why banks exist.
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    Which crypto coin will be the Shiba Inu of 2022 ?

    Because there is no new suckers that are falling for pyramid schemes
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    Which crypto coin will be the Shiba Inu of 2022 ?

    None. Cryptos are downhill from here, probably for a long time (think several years).
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    What Crypto's are going to the moon in 2022

    I love the answer "dyor" that crypto shillers give left and right. "dyor" just means that they have no idea what they are doing. It is all smokes and mirrors, kids throwing parents money into a black hole, praying for a miracle.