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    Code to not allow BlackBerry Users to view page
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    How to obfuscate html with php?
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    I CHALLENGE you to turn me into a believer that making MONEY ONLINE is possible.

    No one is going to hand everything to you on a silver platter. This business is just trial and error, you'll fail quite a lot, but then you'll hit a few jackpots along the way. Also, some people just aren't cut out for certain jobs... (You wouldn't expect a fry cook to try to go to work as a...
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    recommend EPN and ebay seller account sellers

    Search via the Buy and Sell forum and you will find people selling what you asked for :) (such as for EPN's theres pitchblack, gejohn, viva, and myself).
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    HARRO is on TV!!!

    Yep it's defintly fake :) No doubt about it.
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    Whats the best free US Proxy to use to view offers?

    I personally use private SOCKS proxies that I use for other projects, but you can just use a proxy via and it will allow you to view the offer.
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    Powerseller Account Wanted

    Yep, finding a power seller account now days won't be that easy. If you do manage to find one though expect the price to be pretty damn high :) (over $2K easily if it was a few years old).
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    Do you have to pay Tax on paypal earnings?

    Not too sure about how things work in the USA. But in NZ, you would be classed as a sole trader. As a sole trader you are only taxed on your earining, not your expenses. So say you earn $20K, but then $15K of that was used to reinvest and a further $2K was used to buy a computer to run your...
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    How to get in ebay affiliate program? They rejected my application.

    What programs are you trying to get approved for? Also you shouldn't put adwords on your application :) (They tend to dislike that). As spremans said, just make a nice whitehat site and drive some cheap traffic to it for a few days and you should be able to get in as long as your site looks...
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    e-Whoring through AC

    Hmmm yeh. Give that guy credit lol I would have never thought of whoring it up on AC :)
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    $100 daily for 30 mins/day method

    Most BH ways do this pretty well :) You get use to doing this to people though :rolleyes:
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    New twist on an old CL method

    Hmm not to pick holes in your method. But if your going to be giving away a crap car then why would they need a credit report? They are paying this off over a term... They aren't even paying it off at all. Also, if it's such a crap car why would they buy insurance on it? and why would the...
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    Idea To Make Money, Any Gd? Anyone Doing This Already?

    Hmm I would probably say the best method to monetize on this method is to folow berrycorp's method or slightly twist it. Pretty much just offer free website creation but...
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    Whats your favorite drink?

    Bacardi 151 ;)
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    Are Ebay phishers getting worse?

    Just thought that I would share this with everyone here :cool: Anyway, I had an auction going and it said specifically that I only ship within the USA (my dropshipper only ships in the US). Now of course even though I put that in my description and shipping info there are bound to be some...