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    Fucking New ATH

    Price prediction requests in 3.. 2.. 1..
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    People who work alone on BHW

    I had to work hard on not being a perfectionist. More often than nor, you time is more valuable than the marginal success a 2% better product will get you. Especially when it comes to testing multiple campaigns and POCs.
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    Comparison table - yay or nay?

    I have some comparison articles that are set up like that: #1: brand name Chunk of text #2: brand name Chunk of text In term of seo only, will it be better to add some sort of tl;dr table at the top with just rank, brand, score, links to full review (different page, not an anchor), and link to...
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    How can i earn 3$/day or 100$/month?

    You are not allowed to offer your services on this forum yet. Selling outside the marketplace will get you banned. My best idea for you is to read some of the posts in the make money section and to find a way to use your bots yourself to generate some income.
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    BTC to break $60k again this month?

    Had to ruin my point, didn't you?
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    BTC to break $60k again this month?

    Doesn't matter. In 10 years we won't remember this price range just as we barely remember 3-6k range today.
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    I feel guilty for spending money on myself

    I get it, you just need more time to adjust to your new financial situation. Small tip: if you increased your income without increasing the amout you spend, save it. Don't touch this money for a few years and let it gain some interest.
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    I want to become a king of spam

    I've never heard about anybody who's into porn. Is it good? Welcome mate :)
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    Bulk email list with passwords

    1. If you want this service you should post in the Hire A Freelancer sub forum. 2. 9 out of 10 times, adding a word after a + sign on gmail will allow you to do it from 1 account. [email protected] 3. If you tried the + trick and it didn't work, add random points to your gmail...
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    SIte hacked(??) legit URL redirecting to a scam site on google search

    Don't dismiss client side malware.. I used to run ad injection, and it can easily do that too.. It's a bit unlikely but still a posibility.
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    Are you a Minecraft expert? Please help me!

    There are bots for this type of builds. But the majority of them are built by teams of people that love doing it.
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    Tiktok Shadow ban

    Before you start fixing something, Isolate the problem.
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    Tiktok Shadow ban

    Another phone?
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    Ezoic Premium: How bigger your revenue changed?

    I would. Looks like it's a risk-reward situation. The risk is $22 and the reward is still unknown, but potentially higher than $22.