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    Ranking site that are hosted in freehosters

    Of course you can get them to rank, IF the main domain is indexed and has some authority. Do your domain research.
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    [GET] VBS YouTube View Increaser 1.0

    The script changes the proxy server directly in the registry, so you probably just are trying to use a dead proxy. Stop the script, then restart IE and check the proxy settings, and clear them out and you'll be good to go again.
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    What is this on big G? (screenie)

    Looks like more rich snippets, this time for software.
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    Whats your SEO strategy for new sites ?

    I like to keep ads off my new sites for 2-3 months if I can, and in that time drip in content on a regular basis. as far as backlinking goes, I like to take it easy. Backlink gently with some commenting, bookmarking etc, but leave the links to be discovered naturally. I keep track of where all...
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    Which tool are you using for cloaking?

    I'm an old timer then. Facebook....what's that. I often wonder if one of us old timers created the whole "link cloaking" term to just confuse the hell out of noobs and everyone else. It's funny, the term cloak is cloaked.
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    Subdomain vs Root Domain SEO

    Both are treated as independent sites.
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    WHY are success rates in BH tools plummeting? Are we all screwed?

    There is only one golden rule in IM. Define who your competition is, study what they do, then do it better than them. Every time the serps shift, all it means is you have new competition to study and get past.
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    Is it a good idea to have 3 domain names for the same business

    I'd try to build them all out and dominate the serps and push the competition down.
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    Some bastard is taking my EZA articles, spinning them, and putting them on his website

    Not all content is taken, spun and re-posted for rankings...
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    Get your own .EDU Guestbook

    The guestbook address is not a .edu once signed up
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    How do you stay productive?

    I take a short nap about half way through my day. makes re-focusing easy
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    How Does This Guy Ranking So Damn Fast?!?

    Not cool that his sites were outed. Seems a lot of people here do not understand the basics of churn and burn. Build sites, send them out into the world where they will get killed, but before they die make sure you have plenty of others on the way up. It's just another strategy, and a very...
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    What Software You Use Daily

    Firefox Chrome IE Scrapeboix Photoshop Skype Gtalk Gmail Google Docs WinSCP Putty CM (awesome tool for managing multiple servers) Excel WinEdit Notepad Zoho MoRun Sticky notes Sites: Odesk My own collection of tools Clicky PiWik Twitter Google Code Wordpress Hubpages Squidoo
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    Hit badly by the Panda - What to do now?

    Stop worrying about all the theories and spend some time researching the serps. If you didn't get to where you are by researching, learning and duplicating what the top sites were doing, then it's time you learnt how to do that. Google is your enemy, but it can also be your friend...
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    GOOGLE has Totally Changed !!!

    You really think they haven't been using hundreds of "flags" for years ? It's old news, set off too many flags, you're flagged as spam, either by the algo or by someone sitting in a room being paid $2.00 per hour.