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    Signing into my Wordpress blog newsletter from external site - how to?

    Hello, I want to have a newsletter on my WP blog, and there are plenty of plugins available to do this job. So no problem. I have external website based on PHP framework, CodeIgniter. And I want to have a form, which allows me to signing into my WP Blog newsletter - is it possible? If yes, how...
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    Can you recommend me some notebook's brand?

    t520 is about 1600 USD in my country - too expensive : /
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    Can you recommend me some notebook's brand?

    I'll check them. thanks : ) Question #2 - Do you know ways to track stolen notebook? Or it's impossible? I gave serial number to the police, but is there anything else I can do (except checking ebay : ] - i'm doing it)?
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    Can you recommend me some notebook's brand?

    Hello, two days ago someone broke into my house - and my laptop (and some other things) was stolen. I'd kill that guy on place, really. It was Asus N53 (i5, 6gb ram, GF GT 540M), piece of some nice hardware. As I'm working as software developer and I have to work on something, I'm forced to...
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    I'm A Father! Yey For Me!

    Congrats man! Great news! : ) Have you figured out how will you name your baby? Whether it will be boy or girl?
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    Blocking referrer to my site

    Hello guys, I have made a good interview with a known person and found in my statistics a one referring site, which some people go throught to get to my site. I discovered, that they want to be paid via SMS to get this article, and they basically just giving link to my site for money. How can...
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    Time to decide: French vs German

    I'll definitely go with german. The richest countriy in Europe is Germany, their industry performance is impressive. I've worked there, if you have some good (i mean not common skills, preferalby IT or mechanics) skills, and you speak german - you are set.
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    [GET]Auto Approve 20 .edu backlinks ....(daily)

    It would be great, if you could send me this list
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    I want an opinion

    I'd give it a shot.
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    [GET] 50 PR1-PR5 .edu Forums

    thx bro
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    Google doesn't like english people

    Google likes you, but they won't tell you that!
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    Top 10 Hottest Niche Markets

    Movies + passwords?
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    Increase a Keyword Ranking

    building links manually.
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    Articles, how?.

    As some1 said, specific, informative and has a lot of keywords included : ) and backlinks ofc
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    Coding a submitter

    I started using Charles - seems like a nice tool. What should I track while posting a content to web 2.0? Headers?