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    My journey to make 300€ monthly

    Not very clever idea to invest your free money into this. Im 99% sure that you lost your money. Massive financial crisis is coming and you just wasting money. Dont do this. I know its your money but look whats going on in the world.
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    ✈️ Scaling up to $20,000 month using free traffic | ⛔ Passive income on autopilot

    You have a experience with Instagram "[email protected]"? Is it working still or they have better bot detection now? Just read a message from a guy who said that he makes 1200-2000€ month from [email protected] Insta. obviously he doesnt reveal all the info but some things. He is a russian btw. So he probably...
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    Developing and Making money with Bots

    Please keep updating, also when you see any earnings. Is it pay per visit, CPA or whatever. Thanks
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    ✅ [Step-by-Step Method] ✅ From $0 to $10,000/month in 2 – 8 Months From Scratch in Affiliate Marketing Business▶️ Income Proof Inside ◀️

    Another 10000$ guy. Teach poor people how to make 600-1200$ a month. Why nobody teaches that? Its more realistic than the 10000 BS. 99% people who follow the course will not make even 3000$ with it
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    Is there a new update again?

    So Google officially said NO NO NO to every PAA site? Im just curious. What the update will bring. Are their algos so smart enough to actually detect 100% that site is for example PAA spam site and deindex it? Or somebody is lucky and their site will not get deindexed because their algo / bots...
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    Help, my journey as a newbie

    I dunno. I dont have LosPollos account. I have CPABuild and some other less known sites. The best one is I think OGAds. Many people make lots of money there. Try to get into that. But prepare yourself well otherwise they will not let you in
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    ✈️ Scaling up to $20,000 month using free traffic | ⛔ Passive income on autopilot

    I think you should read all his journeys. There is lots of info in those threads and he revealed good info on here too. Learn Python, PHP, Javascript and other such latest technologies. Its fun and may pay off. Depends on you age too. I was stupid when I was young. I wasn't learning enough...
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    Is this income proof fake?

    Dont believe anyone. Even with refreshing page you can fake it. There are plugins for that.
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    What would you consider the fastest way to make $1000 in 30 days from now?

    Waste of money. No benefits. Its useless really.
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    ✈️ Scaling up to $20,000 month using free traffic | ⛔ Passive income on autopilot

    Congrats! Now what plans you have? Like I understand you try to "copy" luckysparks method at smaller scale? Any other progress? You have made Journey topic out of this?
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    [Journey] CPA Going Back to $300 / Day in The Next 180 Days Challenge

    No I meant what Android emulator you use exactly? There are so many of them. You said you want to buy paid version to get rid of ads. So what emulator you want to buy? I dont care about VPS. There is nothing to hide about VPS. Everybody knows them
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    [Journey] CPA Going Back to $300 / Day in The Next 180 Days Challenge

    How many games you use at the moment to mass DM? What emulator you plan to buy? Whats the name of this emulator?
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    Paypal Bussnies Account is asking for a bussnies License.

    Stop using Paypal if you don't want to loose all of your money. If you are in EU, then you can use Wise and other EU Payment processors. You can make invoices and send them to clients and they pay with bank transfer. Forget Paypal. Seriously
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    Aliexpress affiliate program is a gold mine

    Are you gonna make the ebook about Tiktok and cpa like you said or you changed your mind? I really would like to try Tiktok but i have no idea what videos to make. Can you send some examples from other tiktok guys? I can make bots, automate video making etc. But i have 0 idea what videos to make.