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    ROFL ! ! ! The Funniest Way Ever To Hide Your Valuables!

    Looks like a great place to store your shit
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    Make $400 a day, its easy..

    Failure sucks, but everyone who succeeds has had their share... remember that. My one success was a JV that brought in high $XXX/day for a week or two, and mid to low $XXX/day for a few months. The money stream has since dried up as of a month or two ago, but we cashed out pretty well. How did...
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    MayDay - What Are the Quality Signals?

    I have a couple dozen niche sites with exact keyword domains. A chunk of them took a big hit yesterday (June 4). I watch my ranks every day. This was the first big change I've seen in months, and it happened all in one day. I went from having about 10 in top 10 and 12 in top 20 to 4 and 11...
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    My Xrumer Test

    I'm pretty sure I found OP's site. If I'm right, it's still first page on Yahoo and Bing for the main keyword, but second page on Google. Still interested in an update though. :)
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    Social Bookmarking on 100 Do Follow Social Sites

    I also have to say that digitalcrew delivered the promised goods within the promised time. Great job!
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    What Are The Best Article Syndication Services?

    Started using SEO Linkvine about two weeks ago, and it's a piece of crap so far. I've been monitoring the results every day. For my tests, I spun the crap out of the articles and manually made each spin read well. And here are the conclusions I have so far: None of the backlinks have showed up...
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    Help Me, Please.

    All the spoon feeding in the world won't help you if you've been reading for 2 years and have done nothing. You need to suck it up and actually do some work. Learn what works and what doesn't from your own experimenting. Get out of the mindset of "needing a mentor". That's the only way you'll...
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    With Language is easier to learn VB.NET or Python?

    Python, most definitely.
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    What is your Internet Marketing Salary?

    Nice try, IRS.
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    Ready to move my blogs to a dedicated server

    I just let the registrar handle the DNS. Common practice, so no worries there about getting all your stuff linked. No need to use a million different nameservers.
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    Server admins - Nginx

    You can't use nginx as an all-in-one-package. It has no embeded CGI support, let alone PHP interpreter (which Apache bundles). Nginx would have to proxy to something else. For serving PHP, you'd need to run php-cgi and then use nginx to proxy pass to it. Or alternatively proxy pass to Apache...
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    Good reads on advanced SEO

    seomoz*org is a really good resource for whitehat SEO articles and SEO tools. I really recommend checking it out.
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    Forcing flash through a proxy

    To expand on this, get a VPS, set up a VPN on it, buy as many additional IPs as you want at $1/month. That's a rate you'd have to spend on real proxies anyways. No IP or DNS leak or anything. SOCKS can be used to proxy any TCP or UDP connection, which applies to connections negotiated by Flash...
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    Autobloggers that use duplicate content - do you receive any SE traffic at all?

    My dupe content and unique content all rank about the same currently. But my sites have only been up a month or two... so not sure if it can stand the test of time. I'd guess the most important thing is the quality of the content, duplicate or not. Duplicate good content wins over unique...
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    Some nice niche keywords with keyword domains!

    I made a tool that mass analyzes keywords. But... I now have more keywords than I know what to do with. So I'll be nice and spread the love a little. All have either .com, .net, or .org available. Enjoy! :D