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    I am asking all my BHW friends

    voted, tweeted, facebooked it o.o voting some more
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    Paypal and withdraw to prepaid mastercard

    Wonderful thing about "prepaid" mastercards is that they are actually debit cards. Call customer service on your card ask for your routing number and account number and use that to integrate your paypal account...... I hope this info is correct cause it is the way i use paypal.........I am in...
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    Making Ebooks... Need some help

    Ok so I was wondering, I would love to make a few ebooks but I have NO CLUE how to do it. Are there any suggested sites to help a sister out! Been to a few when i googled "how to make a ebook" but BLAHHH i wonder whats up with google nowadays.
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    Fiver r funny story brah

    Just a point out that these products he wants me to write a neg are on amazon..... can i delete them after i make a amazon review, I could put a real spin on this one just got a simple case of thinkers block...... playing to much Aion atm....... o.O
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    My Neighbours friends sent their two children to India to get educated privately AND

    WOW why would a US Family (assumption) send their children to a private school in INDIA, not being racist or maybe i am just not trying to be..... But INDIA? I would send my daughter to NORWAY or DENMARK or POLAND where the education system is awesome (so I have heard)
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    Fiver r funny story brah

    Ok HI Everyone!!! This come courtesy from moi..... I do alot of my work on fiverr ALOT of work on fiverr, the other day I was sitting at my pc thinking gawwwd this is BORING so I had a small idea, I have been writing positive reviews for peoples products for about 3 months now, so I made a new...
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    Leaflet dropping for you

    LOL this reminds me of a job that i once had back in the day and it required that once a day for 2 hours i go hang door hangers on ppls doors. So i would get in the company car with the door hangers, drive about 20 miles away, find a big dumpster, throw them away and go eat.......never got...
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    Back on the bandwagon!

    Wow so after being MIA for sooooo long now dealing with life and its treasures. I have decided to make a comeback.... I know rules have changed. Just need to get back to making some money cause its fun and you all know its fun! I have active and good standing accounts with all major an programs...
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    NO! Leslie Nielsen Dead :( Well known face Will be missed

    Aww that is a tragedy. he is one of the only people that really made me laugh so hard i spit milk out of my nose.... for those who don't know his work here are some funny clips enjoy.
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    Jr.Vip VS Donor

    Jr. ViP is well worth the money!!!! After the holidays I am going to repurchase it of course!!!
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    Hi! 2k Investment ready but not sure where to put it

    i think and this is my personal opinion only, but you should not advertise that you are a sucker with 2k in hand. Before you put money into anything you should get to know ppl here, ideas here and see what is happening now. you are too eager to burn a hole in your pocket and get the miracle that...
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    Using Yahoo Answers -Right Way- Guaranteed Ranking

    I love yahoo answers.... I still get sales from one link that i posted with my answer in 2008. don't abuse it though answer some questions with out links you will get more credibility
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    Ah Help!

    Does anyone here have a coupon code for a airline ticket! I will use ur affiliate link to get the ticket!!!! thank you!
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    sued for using amazon api

    I didn't go thru all the posts but if i could put my 2 cents in, no lawyer would sue you and demand $1k that is such a low cost it wouldn't even cover the cost of a taxi to and from the court house..... this is a scam 1000% in my eyes. Who ever heard of a lawyer saying pay my company 1k or i am...
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    Florida blackhatters

    Palm Bay is in the pb........I would go to miami for a meet up or orlando, but i can't stand Tampa don't know why??????