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    Quick question about Adult friend finder...

    "UP TO" $1.00. Meaning if you bring in a certain amount of members per day/week/etc your rate will be increased to $1.00.
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    CPA Network that pays higher than $8 for Wen Haircare..?

    Check offervault for all network rates on most campaigns.
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    Any way to make money online as a musician?

    Try offering something like: 'I'll write you a personalized song/beat for you or your company' on fiver :)
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    What Affiliate is This?

    The affiliate is Popcap games, like you said, and they're most likely running it through Also, that individual link says it has 4 total clicks to it. He/she is most likely using many links, though. Sorry I can't be of help for the FB questions.
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    Email JV

    Short and sweet: I am currently getting a good amount of opt-ins from one of my sites. This JV will involve my email lists with your methods of promotion. More info will be given upon request. Drop PM's my way - let's get going!
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    looking for a WP template that focuses on the AD

    It's pretty easy to code ads into any template. Find a template that is user friendly and looks good, then search through the plugins at the WP homepage and set one of the ad manager plugins up. Then, find the code you need to insert to place the ad. It is usually something like: <?php [plugin...
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    CPA Company Phone Call

    Check out this topic. It's everything you'll need. Good luck, and stay calm and confident. It's easy.
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    Looking for a Copywriter

    I'm in need of a writer to write a convincing sales letter. It will be a few paragraphs at most. PM me if you're interested, I'm sure we can work something out. :)
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    Designers, artists, i need a favor (PLEASE READ)

    I'll throw a submission together. :) When do you need this by? My main computer is currently being repaired...
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    WTF Meta Tags style - something new???

    Exactly. You can either place these meta tags in the code or upload a file to your site to prove you are the owner.
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    I have grossed over 18,000K in year using this form of marketing.

    If anyone wants help, drop me a PM. I have 4-5 years under my belt owning and working with these sites. :)
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    'if IE 6' to work for all versions

    Looking it over with a quick glance, it is not the images that are being mashed, it is the tables' width that is being changed in IE.
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    Anyone own GPT/PTC sites?

    I've owned (and sold most) a lot of GPT/other incentive sites. You have to know what you are doing, or at least work with someone who does. Marketing is key- and like the user above said, you need to show the users what makes your site so much better.
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    If You`re Going To F**k Me You Should Wear Protection

    LOL Same section that made me laugh too. Tounge my balls from behind. lol. :tee: Great job man, and you made some money!
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    COPEAC down . . . AGAIN???

    EDIT: Nvm, mine is counting clicks and leads perfectly now.