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    Possible Google update 09.08 2022 or its the fire?

    I tested with two different VPNs. On some I go up in the SERP and on another IP I am gone. Big update.
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    OWAN's V 2.0 Premium Niche Guest Blogs from Authority sites of DA50+ RD500+ DR20+

    Samples please + Can I choose/approve the sites before the posts are published?
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    ▶️ Ken's OUTREACH Guest Posts ◀️ ✅DR 40 to 70 | DA 50 to 80 ✅⭐️ Organic Traffic Minimum 1K to 50K ⭐❤️ Starts from $70 ❤️ ⚡ Flat 50%-70% Off ⚡

    New order, After receiving the order, I will give my opinion after 3 orders and the evolution of the keyword
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    Questions about Google News

    I was lucky enough to have 1 google discovery day and I had a lot of reading. But today it's dead calm. Impossible to be in google new or discovered with my articles. Yet I rank well in the serp
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    [Method] How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Niche

    A nice share, with a blog you can increase your keyword