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    Why do we need multi-tiered backlinks ?

    I never seems to understand this method. So you have quality links 1st tiers linked by medium quality also linked by low quality backlinks. If a medium quality backlink is linked by low/spam backlinks >> it also becomes low quality right? Then the whole equation collapse over time...since Google...
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    I am creating 100 links Per Day for Our Start-Up Company (manually) - Too Dangerous?

    Interesting. I currently working for my own business store but I'm not sure if mine is categorized as local business or not. I have a mom and pop store selling clothes for women. Does this categorize as a local business? I don't think people would ever search Nice t-shirts in Conway or anything...
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    How many web2.0s should I make for my tier1?

    Like everyone said above, 30-40 web 2.0s with original content is the way to go. Don't use software or spun articles, make the 2.0s look as legit as possible. I'm thinking of making Tier 2 the same way as the Tier 1 because we never know when Google will catch up with all the Tier 2,3,4 spam...
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    Free Guest Blog Articles And Links

    I don't accept topics about male enhancement or anything adults.
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    Free Guest Blog Articles And Links

    You can pm me the content whenever ready. Make sure you follow the requirements. No problem. Make sure you meet the requirements for the articles.
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    Free Guest Blog Articles And Links

    I have a blog about Health, Beauty, and Fitness. The site is I will allow each member here 1 guest blog on anything about health and beauty subject. There are many posts on BHW about free guest blogs but the fact is that those people only want to steal your content...
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    How can ranked in top 10 without any blacklink?

    How can you use Google to search for backlinks of that site?
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    English Tier 1 Backlinks To Non-English Site

    I tried to find the answer from the Search but find nothing. If I build backlinks using English content but the anchor text is in foreign language. The anchor texts are linked back to my foreign sites. Will this affect SEO and Google rules in anyway? Any answer will be greatly appreciated.
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    4 Tier High Quality SEO Combo Package Cheapest On BHW Starting At $12.20 Only

    Hi there, I saw that you accept foreign the articles are in English and the anchor texts are in foreign language right?
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    This is so fucked up. Ok, he's a good man, he didn't abandon his kids and get his face tattooed with porn websites. But how can the kids grow up with a father figure like that? I'd rather be homeless and selling gums on the street to help my single mother rather than having a father like him...
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    How Old Are You?

    I'm 6
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    Getting Pagerank to web 2.0's?

    If Matt Cutts already say PR is not important factor in ranking, why people still worry so much about it?
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    Best web 2.0 Submisison tool

    I've stopped relying on software for a while now to focus on manual labor work. I find it more useful and the quality of the Tier 1 links are way higher than software spun craps. - Manual accounts will look more natural as the bio will be filled and avatar pictures too. - Indexing rates are a...
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    Can someone help me with this? Urgent.

    Thanks for sharing your method. I was wondering what translation tool you were using though? I used Google translate tool and I'm not very comfortable with this. Even though you translate through 5 different languages, it still leaves footprint right? Anyways, it's a great method nevertheless.