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    A single PHP file called "index.php" that generates $100,000+ per month

    I will copy this file and set it up on a different domain. Wish me luck! jk

    CodeMongoose Hire your Dream Programmer for your Dream Project today!!

    Just finished discussing a project with IndianBill and Kuldeep from CodeMongoose, and it has been a pleasant experience thus far. They helped me to boil down a complex project I had into a more manageable one for free! I appreciate it and look forward to starting this project and getting the...

    Dinner on Friday?

    Count me in too! Hope I'm not too late! :)

    UnGagged FAQ’s - your questions answered here, if not PM me, cheers.

    Hey guys, since there is going to be 3 days worth of talks. I know my brain will only be able to take so many notes and remember so many things (especially if I happen to be hung over). Am I allowed to bring a voice recorder or anything. Also, are there dedicated events after the talks like...

    UnGagged Badge for Attendees ONLY

    Awesome thanks!
  6. KHMNTCPR8 Things are changing. And we're excited to be part of the change

    WOoo! I'm going too! I'm pumped about hearing the closed door content and hear some stuff only a few of us will EVER hear. Also just being around the highly successful people will bring nothing but goodness. I'll be there and I'll buy u guys drinks! Party at my room, I'll pick up some girls...

    Everything Old is New Again

    Haha, aw man... True.... lol..

    Everything Old is New Again

    Hey, I just noticed my site is too! Even has ratings data in the serps. Nice

    Illuminati - what do you think?

    I believe because I joined a secret society of sorts, a fraternital order. So yes, I can see how other's exist. Even my GF was in a drug related secret society that was involved with biker gangs, and drug runners. She took me to a bar one time and there was a guy there who she didn't know that...

    RevenYou low commissions

    Yea its such a problem dealing with RevenYou... They just suck!!!! I'm tired of dealing with all these issues! ITS TOO MUCH!! DANG IT Lets all just quit... Its dead... OK I'll be honest, this picture was from last december when things we still kinda going well. If their reporting would have...

    What are your Summer plans?

    I've been on vacation since last summer, now its time for me to start working hard again.

    Biggest Mistake in your IM Career

    ****Getting lazy when getting "successful".**** Made around $360k last year, and as of right now I'm worried about how I'm going to be able to keep paying for my bomb ass house and keep living on my own. HAHA, but its all part of learning. You go up and you go down, but you keep going and...

    Epic High Conversion Landing Pages - Unbeatable Prices - Fast Turnaround Time

    Payment Sent. Transaction ID # *********31328747

    Question About Starting A NetFlix Type Site

    One of my first main sites was a movie site. But I never hosted any of the movies directly with my own servers, I just provided links. If this was 7+ years ago I'd tell you just to put links up, but with SOPA and all the government crackdowns this niche is too risky for me (to be pasting links...

    Is there anyone here who REALLY makes money online?

    made 300k so far this year with some of my own top secret methods, and still have nov and dec left. should make about ~330k+ this year you may not believe, but what do i care. i've got 90k sitting in the bank right meow, my own LLC, my business banking acounts, and my dope ass house (in an...