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    Free domains..

    Needs a UK address, mobile number and business number.. not sure if you can drop ******** links or how restrictive it is but free is free!
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    [Method] $$$ Post your offer on someones facebook anytime they click a link.

    we have the like button on each item on our ecom sites. they click, it posts the image and description of the item with a link to the item on their page. how does this differ from that?
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    Guy Sued For $4,000. Over Using $10. Pic, Sans Permission

    lol robbed. this type of shit is akin to the parasites that target downloaders. We had a phone call once. We took image down, then ignored them. They went away. They try to get you to 'settle'. Very rarely if ever does these types of things go to court. They have software that flags...
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    Professional Article Writing and Rewriting Service!

    Can i see an example article please? Thanks.
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    Get Unlimited Profile Links Automatically on Schedule Quick and Easy!

    can this be used with angela and pauls packets if i put all the urls in a list?
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    BHW - Do any of you lazy bastards know a good diet/workout routine?

    1. stop eating shit. 2. excercise. Cardio for weight loss. Run for 30 mins a day, cut out all the rubbish processed foods you will notice the difference in a week. i do a 5 day freeweight routine i found on line. Mon Shoulders Tue Cardio/Abs Wed Chest Thur Legs Fri Arms...
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    Advice needed: 5000 uniques per day - No income?

    make it a private tracker and invite only. Force people to seed with ratio requirements. When it drops they may donate. I have donated to the private site i am a member of. I imagine a lot of people do. Build the community with forums etc.
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    Weed vs. alcohol

    im gonna go get some weed.
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    Site was #1, all whitehat, de-indexed?

    long adverty 1 page sites with lots of links look like spam sites, even if they are not. best is to make the site look as legit and informative as possible.
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    Social Bookmark Service >> $8 for 125+ submissions

    Payment and info sent for 250 package. Looking forward to the report. A
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    Chatroulette LOL

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    Is Facebook a viable option?

    definitely depends on the niche. and how you approach it. definitely have to be creative, works better if the people you befriend have a genuine want need for the product you are pushing, and the fact that they will buy it again. you need to interact with them and provide something that...
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    about 66% of backlinks gone

    lost 2/3rds as well roughly. still on first page though dropped a spot or 2. :S