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    [Giveaway] Free Expired web2.0s

    Thanks for the offer. Definitely interested.
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    Caught On Camera - Taylor Swift Attacked at Grammys!

    Great Job. That was cute.
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    How many of you are blackhat?

    I am a blackhat wannabe. I wanna try but I'm scared because of all of the negative discussion around its use. Can you help me get over my fear?
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    600th post Bookmark List

    Congrats because to get here you had to put in some work. Keep it up.
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    Good films

    The Great Gasby Hangover part 3 Redemption New Earth Now You Dont
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    Hi everyone!

    Without knowing what your interest are the following is sort of a generic response... Great place to learn, Incredible insight shared by some of the posters here, Spend time going through the various sections and post (even subjects you are not interested in) From time to time, you will be...
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    Newb Friendly Way to Make an Honest 10 Dollars Per Day

    Interesting looking site. They share ad revenue 50/50 with you for the traffic generated by your post. A type of payperpost format with a different twist. The only problem I see so far is that I went through some of the different post on the site and I saw no advertising next to any of them. How...
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    1000 Tumblr accounts

    If you have any left, I would appreciate some. Thanks
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    Affiliate Links In YouTube Video Descriptions?

    My video was flagged and banned on YouTube for having an Amazon affiliate link in the description. It would be best to send the viewer to a landing page.
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    [VIDEO GUIDE] CEPI's Super Tumblr Tutorial

    Very nice, Very Helpful, Good Information, Thanks
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    Is This A Sign of Things To Come

    My intent here was a FYI post, not a whine. I thought maybe I was not the only one that had mad this error, or may make it in the future. Lesson learned.
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    What Is the Best Way to Promote Amazon Product Using Video?

    Heed Dubious advice regarding use of a squeeze page. Do not link directly from your video to you Amazon affiliate link, My experience:
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    Is This A Sign of Things To Come

    Yes, it was a shorten url to my Amazon affiliate link. That being against YT guideline is new information to me. All the marketing Amazon products via video review products recommend setting up the description exactly the way I did with this video...Live and Learn.
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    Is This A Sign of Things To Come

    YouTube flagged one of your videos as inappropriate. They stated it was reviewed by the YouTube Team against their Community Guidelines and upon review, they had determined that the following video contain content in violation of these guidelines, and had been disabled. Also, my...
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    You Can Infringe Copyright Just by Embedding a Video

    Just read this and thought some of you might find it interesting: MPAA: you can infringe copyright just by embedding a video Basically, the judge ruled: Read the entire article - link to article: