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    Help Me - i'm overwhelmed !

    It sounds like you are underwhelmed? :o What kinds of "crazy ideas" are going through your mind? LoL
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    I love Google

    Yeah, maybe in some months something will shoot up, or maybe it'll just stay dropped. I juiced a social property once, for a project, and it quickly plummeted, then de-indexed, and after some months it shot up to position 2 for like a day, then dropped again and de-indexed. (LoL) So, it's got...
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    [Question] Can I use Bing to scrape websites in Scrapebox?

    Well, to my knowledge, most of what Scrapebox detects is Wordpress footprints for comments. So, you'd have to find a ton of Wordpress sites, and then obviously find the ones that allow comments. It's not a single click, but rather a series of actions you'd have to take in order to create an...
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    Cold email + affiliate marketing anyone doing this?

    Yeah, Genesis is right... It's a prequalifying mechanism. You don't necessarily sell directly in the copy. With some weird angles, maybe, but at the very least you'd wanna re-direct them to a landing page. It doesn't matter what method you use, if you re-direct to a landing page, there is...
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    [Question] Can I use Bing to scrape websites in Scrapebox?

    You can scrape Google a little bit, before you get blocked for a time period. It requires either very high quality rotating proxies, or mobile proxies. In any case, you can't really scrape it at a large scale, but it's not really needed, unless you are trying to acquire specific SERP data. For...
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    Stripe Baffles Me

    It's probably stolen credit cards. Stripe does have a good fraud prevention department.
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    How to find sites of Income School?

    I wouldn't be concerned about that brand's sites, specifically. If you look at any given niche, you can spot affiliate sites everywhere. If you wanna wanna copy them, there's ample opportunity to do so, but you will still have to prepare content, so at-best, you're just looking at a premade...
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    Some good old weekend music, maybe?

    While Working: While Winding Down: While Going Hard:
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    Imagine a virus so deadly...

    LOGIC: "a proper or reasonable way of thinking about or understanding something" "the science that studies the formal processes used in thinking and reasoning" "a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration : the science of the formal...
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    Hi‍♂️ I'm new here

    All the fake accounts have come to welcome you... LoL I like how your English so bad, it just cuts-off... that's a good one! :o
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    Imagine a virus so deadly...

    That's not poetry, that's logic.
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    Is There a Bulk Backlink Evaluation Tool?

    Yeah, they won't return URL level data for anything. It's a limitation of DomDetailer. I've complained about it twice, but they basically ghost me each time. It's not well supported, but it works for the more important use-cases, at-least. Scrapebox lets you pull Alexa Rank at-scale, but I...
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    Are the days of / group buy over?

    There are literally dozens of A.I. Writing Tools on that market, based off of the Open A.I. technology, and Jarvis is one of the most overpriced solutions. Just do a search for some services, and compare their prices and features. There are about three of them that I've bought on AppSumo in...
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    Do you recommend buying a used Iphone ?

    About a year ago, a family member bought me a new Android Galaxy S20 FE model, as a birthday gift, which cost a little more than $700 at the time. (insane gift) Now, I think it costs $600 new, and it looks like you can find used models for $450. This is an Android 11 device. Shortly after...
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    ⚡⚡ [GUIDE] How to find Low Competition Niches with High Earnings Potential

    I've done hoards of keyword research, and frankly, it's often a waste of time. All you need is a real phrase, as a user would pose a question, and that doesn't require special tools. Any keyword difficulty metric will give wildly different values than the difficulty of the actual SERP. I've...