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    good niches for youtube?

    You gotta think out of the box, search for mid or low volume keywords on all niches then try and scale it
  2. fxony

    TheOnionHost | Offshore DMCA Ignored DDOS Protected Shared Hosting|VPS|Dedicated Servers

    Hey, BHW-theonionhost promo code is expired? Can you give me working one?
  3. fxony

    OGAds Adult alternative?

    You can make even better content locker like this on OgAds. Using mainly css
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    How to make $100/day through CPA using YouTube

    as someone who's experienced in cpa+yt I must say that you're right :D OP's tutorial is speedrun for getting removed by YT ToS max 3 days
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    ✅ | Youtube Likes | Youtube Live Stream | Instagram | Twitch Live Stream | Discord Members | Spotify

    Hi there, would appreciate to add test balance to my registered account: fxony
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    CPA YouTube video getting deleted after rank

    Nah you just don’t know how this business works
  7. fxony

    CPA YouTube video getting deleted after rank

    Yep. YouTube algo is weird, I have the same question
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    which link format is more seo friendly? or

    The best format for SEO is direct page/article/item name with dashes. Example:
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    CPA + YT | Game Publishers Strike My Videos

    I have to try it without suspicious title keywords and without keywords tag too.. I will do It on lightweight channel. Gotta test everything since I started cpa and yt seriously
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    CPA + YT | Game Publishers Strike My Videos

    Thanks for tip. Yes, I checked his channel. He has 100 subs and 2 videos, total 50k views. I have better account, mine is 1K+ subs with 300K+ views. But, I realized that he did not use "hack" or similar keywords but I used. Also, he had no keyword tags, I had bunch of them. Maybe It is the key?
  11. fxony

    CPA + YT | Game Publishers Strike My Videos

    I recorded by myself and also did better thumbnail than competition . High-quality video, not showing content locker, not using any link. Using trusted SMM.. I ranked real quick for 6 days and killed competition and then it happend - game companies did strike on my both videos on two good aged...
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    CPA + YT | Game Publishers Strike My Videos

    I saw one guy is not banned already 2 months video up. How is that possible? My video got copyrighted after 6 days, his not.
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