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    "The new started threads are not being visible BHW"

    Same was happening to me when trying to view in IE switched to firefox and everything is showing
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    PHPBUILT's Idiot-Proof Guide to Authority Site Building

    Been following this thread from start and implementing your suggestions and seeing movement which is great thank you. Looking forward to your web2 thread. Received an email from Amazon this morning, think they need to read this thread, the title is Start optimizing your affiliate site, here is...
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    How do I solve this in Google WMT

    These might have been internal but have been removed, seems someone has placed links back to my site people are clicking and the URL is not found. This is what they say regarding those links. Google detected a significant increase in the number of URLs that return a 404 (Page Not Found)...
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    How do I solve this in Google WMT

    Those links had been placed in files on my site and have nothing to do with the site which is ecommerce selling power tools. Yes seems they have spammed my site with links back to my site filling the string with random keywords like this ipods.php?q=hepatit-c starfall.php?q=wmf-knife...
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    How do I solve this in Google WMT

    Around a month ago I received a message in GWT saying my site had bad links on it and to find and remove the links, these were the links they had found. starfall.php?q= ipods.php?q= I trawled through all site files found them and removed them, now this morning I have a message in GWT saying...
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    Licorne AIO v3 - SENuke/UD Alternative Ultimate SEO Software [LIMITED]

    Been using Licorne since May no problems, then today when I tried to start Licorne i'm getting this message when I click on updater, any idea what's happening. Sorry, you have reactivated this PC the maximum number of times permitted. Please purchase a new user for this license so you may...
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    The Ultimate Amazon Thread Mark 2 - Q/A - Good/Bad

    Hey Danny did you open an official item not received with paypal or just contact them, i'm a powerseller on ebay and if anyone opens an item not received against me the only way I win the case is by supplying paypal with the POD from the couriers I have to get it from the couriers and attach it...
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    Best web 2.0 submitter?
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    [AUTOCONTENTWRITER] Produce unlimited readable content for SEO/Websites (ONE OFF FEE)

    Not sure what's going on with the software today, keeps telling me not enough source material available what ever keywords I put in. Even tried the example (dog training) and getting same on that. Have reduced words to 50-354, paragraphs to 1-6 and no images.
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    30 Beta Testers Wanted For New Link Indexing Service

    would love to give it a run.
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    The Ultimate Amazon Thread Mark 2 - Q/A - Good/Bad

    What i have been doing for the last 6 weeks is using FCS networker,It allows you to build web 2's it allows you to add unique content to all the sites it changes the default themes fills in your profile. (not an affiliate link)...
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    The Ultimate Amazon Thread Mark 2 - Q/A - Good/Bad

    1 was $190 and 1 $130 these were main product the rest were accessories for main product
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    Weekly Auto Approve Links and GScraper Support Thread.

    Many thanks for list and password,rep added
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    The Ultimate Amazon Thread Mark 2 - Q/A - Good/Bad

    Had a good day yesterday 8 sales showing, 3 were from a site I set up 2 weeks ago, has 17 posts on it 7 are product reviews and the rest are info articles about the niche. Been using FCS networker to build web 2 links to my sites for the last 6 weeks and none of them have been hit, traffic is up...
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    The Ultimate Amazon Thread Mark 2 - Q/A - Good/Bad

    I would stay away he is just producing basic clone sites for everyone they all look the same, if you read all of this thread you will see it is better to go magazine style theme and make it look unique. Especially after these last few days where Google seem to be going after thin cloned Amazon...