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    DeFi100 SCAM COIN!! Ran Off with 32 Million

    The same with STC (student coin)
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    Please I need this. Am interested
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    #fiverrboycott can be seen on all social media platforms.

    Sure, it's happening already, the project is 'N1ce' very interesting and equally profitable for both sellers (experts) and buyers. You can google them, the alphabet after N is 1 not I.
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    Selling Youtube-Facebook-Instagram-Twitter-Gmail-Yahoo-Hotmail

    Please integrate Litecoin on your website it's a lot cheaper to transact in.
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    Biggest scam in history, he scammed 2 billion dollars

    Coinbase got no support and you will get your money flying over the shelves.
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    I Got Scammed

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    I Got Scammed

    Absolutely. Thanks dear
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    Free guest post (1)

    Am interested
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    I Got Scammed

    Exactly, I learned It bitterly.
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    I Got Scammed

    I really wanted to pin them down but am not ready to spend much more money again.
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    How many safemoon coins u got?

    Safemoon will do good if better avoided.
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    I Got Scammed

    I appreciate your advice and also your helpful insight into IM. Thanks a lot