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    500$ budget - suggestions to start making money?

    OP this is a good advice. Get something to sell in e-commerce store is best. Adsense or ads for that matter is a terrible way for a beginner to monetize a website.
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    Best AI content rewriter?

    Does the program allow you to set the specific number of characters that you want when you generate each article? E.g. How to Not Behave like a Pig I want the max. number of characters of the article to not exceed 1500. Is that possible? Actually, I had to do a rough estimate of how many number...
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    Which nonPaypal-like payment processor are you using?

    This is still a circular argument. I know all of these. None is legally available for my jurisdiction.
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    When Sellers Cooperate, Things Happen.

    Yes true that. I observed this quite recently.
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    Which nonPaypal-like payment processor are you using?

    Is it automated? Probably not. Looks like you invoice to clients manually. That can be exhausting when you have 37 customers line up to pay you for a service. Doing that much more too often manually will suck your energy down the drain.
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    Advice for $1000-$2500 per Month ?

    Lol. That's so true. Don't sell to broke people. Get rich clients and bank hard with high ticket services or products.
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    Which nonPaypal-like payment processor are you using?

    The same with Payoneer. Client has to pay it manually. I don't like that because.. what's the point of plugin then?
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    Best AI content rewriter?

    50,000 character only? Not even 50,000 words. I think it's a shit deal for starters or medium-sized bloggers.
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    email marketing

    I suggest you should search the forum.
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    Is it possible to hide your WordPress theme info?

    My site, my choice.
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    [ARTICLE] 57 SEO Insights From Google’s John Mueller by Matt Southern from SEJ

    Mueller? No, sorry. Not just yet. I mean, like seriously? Probably never. I mean absofuckinglutely NOT! Gotta go.
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    Bulk Email Marketing Expert

    So you want to import your email list into outlook? Go ahead. Or don't you already have an email list? I can help only in that case.
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    WTH Looking for Person who can send 20K email to inbox

    Is your email list clean?