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    Buying a domain with a bunch of crap backlinks?

    I don't think it can too much of a bad thing, big G surely just ignores backlinks that it doesn't regard as relevent. I may be wrong but just start building varied PR backlinks from related (keywords) sites as the previous user may have only targeted the home page, and not deeper pages / posts.
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    Is Google hosting Porn?

    Not the point of my post Dutch, nothing wrong with porn IMHO
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    Is Google hosting Porn?

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    Motivational Thread to Make Money! Pictures, Quotes and Videos to GET MOTIVATED

    I like the idea of a motivational thread, but I probably won't lookat it much. :)
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    (REQ) Managing Multiple Blog- managewp

    By the looks of it it is a monthly membership and not a desktop software Unlikely to be shared, allbusiness. Unless you can find and run a white label copy on your own server?
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    Most Would Ignore This 680,000 Searches/Month $300/day Keyword. (and how I found it)

    MAny thanks for this enlightened approach. I often will move on from a target keyword because of low volume, this will make me look deeper. cheers
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    Thanksgiving and pet BHW hates

    Firstly happy Thanksgiving to all my US cousins. I am grateful for all the help and assistance I have gotten from BHW over the years. Hate is too strong a word, but I would love to see a campaign to ask people to stop hitting "Quote" therefore re-posting often a very long post, when all they...
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    best of phpbuilt #1

    phpbuilt is a giver, I have had so much of value from him. many thanks.
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    [FREE] Wicked Content Technique 100s of FREE Unique Websites cheap!

    Just tried it and it works well, many thanks. can we trust the traffic? ps I put in stats IP and it tends to show an address in the listings.
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    [FREE] Wicked Content Technique 100s of FREE Unique Websites cheap!

    Love this trick, to give it the respect it deserves I should call it technique. I can't seem to find expired domains, only ending soon, can someone help please.
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    2 free licenses to PC Tools Spyware doctor

    shucks, I need to be quicker in future
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    [GET] Available Aged Domains List 1-14 Years - Updates Regularly

    great service lafours, many thanks. I used to use software that collcted daily drops but the creator stopped supporting it. It was great for searching dictionary words or keywords. Can I ask what the delimiters are? ie the "20" = and the "8" please...
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    Amanda knox acquitted!

    OMG oxonbeef you are quicker than CNN, i was listening for an update on the radio, but you beat them,lol. thanks.
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    Mobile Website With SMS Integration (Optimized For Restaurants and Realtors)

    thanks adsbg textmarketer is one I have looked at, but what busts my chops is that Twillio is $1 a month for a locol number (hence no need for bidding $1000's on names) and therte txt rate is $0.01. In the UK the lowest is around $0.07 . I suspect it is vat and the fact that most of these...
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    Mobile Website With SMS Integration (Optimized For Restaurants and Realtors)

    This looks awesome imprint. I have been looking at getting into Qrcodes-facebook-SMS marketing for local clients for some time but no one platform seems to manage them all. The biggest drawback (for me) is most are based on Twilio which is US only (for SMS). You mentioned in another thread that...