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    Video reupload hacks?

    Oh shit, that sounds bad. What kind of videos did you work with?
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    Video reupload hacks?

    Yeah. Will try to edit everything I can - even custom thumbnails :D
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    Can you share insights on how to develop a payment processing company?

    I had a similar idea for a fintech startup in a developing country. It's really a lot of bureaucracy, getting the banking licence, lawyers, contacts in the political field, etc. In a nutshell, it's not as easy as you imagine at the beginning.
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    Video reupload hacks?

    I'm not reposting/reuploading any popular videos. Just tutorials from less-known bloggers who hardly get 1-5k views. I masked my affiliate link under a newly registered domain (a 301 redirect).
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    Video reupload hacks?

    Hi guys, I want to re-upload a series of YouTube videos and slightly modify them. What is the current situation with YouTube alghoritms? How easy is it to get a ban for content that is not mine? Are there tricks that can change the videos slightly before re-uploading? Thank you!
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    Google's 15GB Limitation — any Alternatives / Ideas?

    Wow. Thanks a lot man, Great advice!
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    Google's 15GB Limitation — any Alternatives / Ideas?

    will not last forever?
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    Google's 15GB Limitation — any Alternatives / Ideas?

    I'm a jew and will not donate 2/month to a large corporation.
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    Google's 15GB Limitation — any Alternatives / Ideas?

    Google has limited its storage in all services to 15GB, and that really sucks if you have a lot of stuff in Gmail, Photos, Drive. What secure alternative do you use? I'm not looking for bullshit image hosters that will have their sites down tomorrow. Meanwhile, I also use Dropbox, and you?
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    Any threads to start LinkedIn marketing?

    Any tips where to get cheap advertising coupons for LinkedIn Ads?
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    How to create a proxy from my wi-fi connection?

    You'll need to setup a proxy server.
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    When I try white theme on BHW

    I use sunglasses when I surf BHW Forum.
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    Oi Marco :) Welcome to BHW! I've been to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo several times & I love your country! There is a great deal of growth potential in the Latin American market in particular. Especially in the FinTech industry. — Alex
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    Did LSD change your mindset and perspective? For better or worse?

    Can I automatically see all Backlinks & Competitors after taking LSD Pill ?