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  1. ADA Lovelace can't withdraw crypto for 24 hours new address

    Yesterday I bought on and withdrew to my ledger device within 2 minutes to a new address. Simply send your crypto from the app to the exchange (no fees) and withdraw from the exchange. You can disable 24 hours on the exchange. Go here...
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    What's the most secure cryptocurrency at the moment in your opinion?

    Bitcoin & Cardano. There are other forks of bitcoin that try to solve short-term problems that have no future, such as bitcoin cash, the scam of Bitcoin Gold, or some similar ones. Bitcoin, not having programmability and other things has fewer backdoors, which makes it more secure. Solana and...
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    One more bad news for crypto

    LOL. This guy looks no further than Bitcoin and thinks everything else is a scam. If it were up to people like this, there would be no future in cryptocurrencies. These types of Bitcoin maximalists are a clear example of how toxic a certain part of the community has become.
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    Over 7000 Solana wallet drained, millions of dollars stolen

    The network was DDOSed again and shut down to make the robbery, maybe that will help turn it on
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    I use to buy. I used supercharger for a while, but it's a waste of time. So I took my Cronos (CRO) and sent it to defi wallet and i got a 12% apy. I never used to stake, whenever I buy I send it to my wallets. Not your keys, not your money Exchanges give that...
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    Apple's Iphone 15 and new Macs may be a Oval Design !!!

    No, not do that. Wait, if your model is new wait for the roms to be released. It usually takes a while when it's a new model. Also, don't install the first roms that come out, wait a little longer until they fix bugs. As a general rule, early versions may contain bugs.
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    Apple's Iphone 15 and new Macs may be a Oval Design !!!

    You have to search the specific subforum of your phone. If u have a realme GT Neo 3 for example, search the subforum of realme GT Neo 3. After that, search a rom that you like. Be very careful. See in the post of the rom requeriments and how to install it. Also, check in Youtube how to install...
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    Apple's Iphone 15 and new Macs may be a Oval Design !!!

    Yep, very good phones. In my next phone will check realme also for sure. Yes, The community develops roms specifically for your phone, so they are usually better than the manufacturer's rom. In addition, they are updatable for many years, and in case the project is abandoned, you only have to...
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    Apple's Iphone 15 and new Macs may be a Oval Design !!!

    TIP: I buy Xiaomi phones. 3 times cheaper. Same performance, better design, better batery, and worse camera. But I don't usually use the camera, so I don't mind. After that I change the rom to Lineage Os or Pixel Experience or other. Now I have a phone that is going to be updated for 5 or 6...
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    Is next bull run has arrived?

    If i have to give an opinión about the actual market, i will say that things will getting worse in next months. But something interesting is that crypto seems be strong in bad situations. After Mt.Gox, 2017, war, inflation, Luna, 3AC, some important exchanges broke and many other things, look...