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    Earn 0.3-1 BTC daily without spending anything

    I'd love to be part of it. I've been into Bitcoin for more than 2 years, with own mining gear, trades and options. So another way of an income stream with Bitcoins would be really nice to learn. Cheers
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    [Journey] 16K/month - Offering free Website creation with hosting affiliation

    You can even twist it and sell them your own webhosting on a VPS you've installed for let's say 15€ a month. So you'll profit more and they might stay more than one year.
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    Now is the time to buy BitCoin!!! 4/10/2014

    Who could take down Bitcoin ?
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    How app store scammers can make $10,000 a day from a $10 game template

    He probably had a couple of main accounts and then "gifted" the apps to the spreaded accounts.
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    How app store scammers can make $10,000 a day from a $10 game template

    it's even better if you do it with free apps imo. for the marketer/dev it's cheaper and for the customer it's not a real scam. and you still make tons of money through advertising if you do it right. anyway a big part of the apps are not custom made as of today. they are mixed up between...
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    Holy sh*@: Bitcoin drops 50% in last 24 hours

    It will recover as it always did. If you buy the right hardware for mining you'd still make profit even at this rate.
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    Good alternate to Parallels for Mac users?

    Yeah VMWare Fusion is great. But if you can't get internet running you might switch your network settings to bridged or NAT.
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    I have a question related to shutdown the system connected to a LAN

    Hi This works with hostnames if you have a Windows environment. Use the following command in CMD and write a batch script: shutdown -m \\computername You will need administrator rights.
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    Looking for programmer [FB AUTOMATION]

    Please PM me your Skype name, I will forward it to him.
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    Looking for programmer [FB AUTOMATION]

    Side question: Why don't you set up the fan page to "no comments"? In case you want to go through your solution I forwarded your request to a programmer I know.
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    Instagram API-based Bot

    You can read his blog post here: I'm not in the need of my money back, as its clearly a black hat service and I won't get you into more trouble on here. It was clearly a good project and as I read you learned a lot from it. Hope not everyone...
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    Instagram API-based Bot

    I loved your bot and I'm not blackmailing you or just stick onto the money I've spent on the tool. The accounts I added premium to, was because I liked the service and wanted to help you. I know how the terms from Instagram and other big players can change from a day to another and I know it's...
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    Instagram API-based Bot

    Dude what the hell. You're bot was awesome and I put the 10$ in it because I liked it. I even told my friends to buy it. Please give an explanation what happens with your bot, my API/granted access and with the 10$ which each of us spent.
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    Instagram Popular page

    Firstly, the account should be at least three months old. Tenure is definitely taken into account when considering pictures for the popular page. Only 8 of the images we selected were from an account that had their first image uploaded within the past three months. All 8 of these accounts had...
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    Instagram API-based Bot

    I got premium about 2 days after buying it. The background feature is amazing. I just added some tags into the "recipe-builder" and let them run automatically. (works most of the time) So now every time I open up my Instagram it shows me about 10 new followers. Definitely worth the 10$.