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    Retail Bots - to buy items to resell

    I have created many bots for this over the years. Im always up to JV if you know of some products that there isn't a crap load of people already doing this. Can literally do it for any product and site, even if the sites are using techniques to stop bots from automatically buying products when...
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    Your Ideas + My 10yrs experience with IM, Automation development + more

    Thanks for all the messages and responses. To answer some responses about my son he has his daily challenges but is catching up with kids of his age super fast. He only goes to Saint Jude 1 time a year now to get scans and a multitude of other things. They left 5% of his tumor as it was in a...
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    Your Ideas + My 10yrs experience with IM, Automation development + more

    Hello all, I use to be really big in internet marketing and was my main income for 10+ yrs. I'm a developer at heart and being able to create custom tools, websites and understanding tech and basically build anything I needed was keys to my success. In 2018 I had to step away from internet...
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    Reverse Engineering Money S01E09 - Making $5 to $50 per day from simple phone games

    This has been around for quite sometime. Buy a clone of a popular game and rescind it. I’m a iOS developer an have developed a few games but just like anything in the marketing world traffic is king. So if you can drive traffic I am handle the app and/or game creation.
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    Need someone with Apple ios account for a profitable JV

    If still looking I have a account with 1 game i made but havent messed with it much. Let me know if interested.
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    Ask me anything about dropshipping on ebay

    I think my biggest issue is Sales Tax. 23 States on amazon require sales tax. We can setup sales tax tables on eBay but I dont know if that is legal since we dont have a nexus in there state. The easy solution would be to incorporate the tax into the price. Then you loose alot of sales but your...
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    [Method] How to Make $XXX-XXXX Per Month - Web Design and Email

    So how much do you sale the template to them for an what do you offer them for that price? Domain, Maintenance etc? Thanks
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    How I made $200 per day in ecommerce with dropshipping and you can too! [PART 2]

    Really new to facebook ads. Here is a pic of my stats Ive tried 3 items that I thought would work. So far nothing Wanted to add I have my settings set to clicks Yet it seems I get charged for impressions. Is this right?
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    How I made $200 per day in ecommerce with dropshipping and you can too! [PART 2]

    I have this setup an have been running facebook ads for 3 days now on multiple products an I'm not getting no conversions. Facebook showing 1500 views an only like 5 clicks to my site. Not sure if I have facebook ad setup wrong or what
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    Do you have a facebook Ads account? JV with me

    add me on skype thomas.woods70
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    CrakRevenue - We're back!

    I applied couple weeks ago an have yet to hear anything. Please let me know what I need to do to get approved. Thanks Just seen it in my spam. Was Denied: 2701109 Can you pm me an tell me why? Thanks
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    Genius! - this site lets you clone and change any website to create your own hoax stories.

    Why wont it let me edit links or add links? I seen people said its possible on first page
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    Looking for 5 adsense Accounts

    you think i started a jv as soon as I discovered this method? lol
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    Looking for 5 adsense Accounts

    Looks like adsense is on to us. 6 Months up an today majority accoutns went down. JV down for time being.
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    Looking for 5 adsense Accounts

    Sorry MeisMJ All spots have been filled at the moment.