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Micro Niche Sites still work?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by nickjett, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. nickjett

    nickjett Junior Member

    Oct 28, 2010
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    Ok in 2011/12 i made approx £3500 of micro niche sites, then panda and penguin came and my sites got trashed! Since last April i have a crappy £350.

    I guess i was going at in the wrong way.

    I would find an EMD, (shopping niche) so something like "Maxi dresses on sale", add one page of crap content about "what are maxi dresses?". (The customer didn't want this they wanted to buy maxi dresses!). Add an "about me", "contact" & "privacy page"!

    Then would spam about 100 auto comment blogs with the anchor "Maxi dresses on sale" and ranked 1st for a year, did this multiple times with other shopping blogs etc.

    But my question is, are shopping sites like this dead? If so, does below work as a good MNS campaign.

    1. Find a niche like "how to build ponds with bricks?"
    2. Not buy a EMD. I've heard it doesn't make a difference if you do or don't now!? So "thepondman.com" for example
    3. Write the home page about "how to build ponds with bricks"
    4. Do backlinking, not spammy blogs. So build links from web 2.0's, directories, article directories, bookmarking, rss etc
    5. Use mainly "http://thepondman.com", "thepondman.com", "the pond man" as anchors! Maybe around 70% like this, then the other 30% specific keywords i want to rank for like "how to build ponds with bricks?" and variations.
    6. Maybe add some more content or will one page be enough if i add an "about me", "contact" & "privacy page" ?

    Or am i wasting my time and EMD are dead?
  2. jascoken

    jascoken Senior Member

    Nov 1, 2010
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    IT/Web Systems & Development...
  3. frazgta

    frazgta Power Member

    Jan 24, 2011
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    ^^ What he said. If you're going to make only 2-5 pages then the website will rank for maybe umm less than a month and then it will tank for all the keywords. I've seen this happen to 3 of my sites. 1 of them was an EMD, 2 weren't. The results were obvious. More content needed!
  4. Jinko

    Jinko Regular Member

    Jan 19, 2012
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    EMD still works fine. It was the low quality ones that got slapped. These days aim for 15-20 pages+ to stay on the safe side and avoid posting crap content if you want to still be around making big $$ after the next update comes along.