Hi guys!

This method is a pretty much black-hat, that's why it is listed here.
If you are looking for the users (real human beings, not bots) who will add you first to their friend list, you should read this brief idea.
I have used it only once for my skype account and several times for forums, but I am sure it will work for almost all the social sites and networks.

1) It will work only for a short period of time, that's why it is good only for black-hat. After some time your friends will delete you from their list.
2) It is kind of unethical.

1) You will be added to the friends list by the real users, not bots etc. That's why you may create a pretty trusty account for a short period of time.
2) It will cost you nothing!

  1. You have to use VPN or free proxies for this method as you should be ready that the IP you've been registered with can be banned.
  2. Use temporary emails, like https://www.guerrillamail.com/ or http://10minutemail.com. You may use the real one but it will take some ti,e to register your mail and then it may be banned. That's why I use temporary mails, to save my time.
  3. Create a thread about the freebies you are going to give: rare book, free links or whatever may be needed.
  4. That's it.