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  1. [JV] Paranoid Android's School of Search Engine Marketing
  2. $200-500 For Your Stripe Account
  3. Looking for Experienced Mailer/Communications Specialist
  4. [LF] UK partner for sales
  5. Need Turkish Content Writer / Web Designer - For Adult Site
  6. Looking for a long-term partner for a Forex joint venture
  7. Can you code? Let me make you a $xxxx/month recurring income
  8. JV - my method, your site
  9. FB Cloaking Script & FB Preview Spoofing (Ads, Groups, Pages, PMs, Tagging & Timelines)
  10. Need Marketing on Christmas Tree Short Game in HTML5
  11. Yahoo syndication partnership
  12. I Looking For JV Partner Who Can Write Top Quality Content Daily
  13. i believe in what im doing, JV with me
  14. I make the sales - You make WP websites
  15. Looking for Partners to sell my servicesent
  16. Looking for an opportunity to become a business partner
  17. Need to JV with someone who can bring clients of article Buyers
  18. Your Idea + My Team = Profit.
  19. Do you market on Social Media ? Take a look.
  20. JV = Our Stuff + your French Traffic .
  21. JV With Euphorix
  22. Amazon T-shirt Venture [My designs + your marketing (with some help from me)]
  23. Do you have a facebook Ads account? JV with me
  24. Looking for a JV partner: My Adsense and Your Website
  25. Looking for partner: i provide FB ads acc you provide campaigns
  26. [JV] We provide the software, You provide the method we split the profits
  27. My Adsense account - Your websites/traffic - Let's earn money together!
  28. [JV] Lookings for 2 Partner, 1 - Content Writer 2 - SEO/Traffic
  29. My Movie Streaming Site, Your SEO Skills.
  30. [STARTUP] Realtime sex app
  31. Can You Inbox 50k emails a Day ? Partner With Me And Make $2500/month or MORE!
  32. [JV] My website, your SEO skills - 50/50 split
  33. Your FB page post - my method = $$
  34. I rank local listings - You monetize
  35. JV with A Massplanner License Owner
  36. I am look for person who know to setup SERP Shaker
  37. My YouTube Channel/Traffic - Your Content/Methods
  38. Looking for partner to bring traffic to website of mine that is like freshbooks! 50/50
  39. Looking for Partner who has traffic in the Fitness Niche
  40. 1 for 1 Authority site. $3 an hour while you build your site x2.
  41. Many Adwords&Facebook Ads Account For CPA JV
  42. My sales page and product, your traffic. [Pre made sales templates and graphics]
  43. [JV] Looking for a reputable member on WickedFire to sell my product
  44. Looking for partner who can drive traffic do adult sites
  45. Looking for someone with good voice for JV
  46. Looking to JV - PPD (Experienced)
  47. Quality traffic Needed
  48. [JV] 5 figure potential, Accounts selling
  49. Android App Developer JV
  50. My CPA Accounts, your methods, lets earn money together!
  51. My site, my adsense and your contents.
  52. [JV] My CB website & product. Your affiliate managing skills + more
  53. [JV] My Product - Your Content Marketing Skills
  54. [JV] My multiniches site [PPI,CPA] - Your traffic
  55. [JV] Your SEO knowledge, my CB site!
  56. [JV] Your VPSs, My Software
  57. Brookstone GiftCard JV
  58. [JV] Let's monetize my targeted emails!
  59. You rank, i provide service, 50/50.
  60. JV - MY Aged Adwords Accounts + Your Campaigns
  61. [JV] My FB pages traffic your methods
  62. Giving away 50% stake in a lucrative project to a marketing genius!
  63. Any programmers here: lets build better tools for sellers
  64. Professional Writer - Looking for verifiable traffic and Affiliate Split
  65. ≡ Live in America? Can you follow a recipe? Lets Partner Up. ≡
  66. My Twitter Traffic + Your Adsense = Passive Income on AutoPilot
  67. Need A IOS/Website Developer! Looking for a partner! (Not A Game)
  68. Looking for partner who has great knowledge and expertise in driving traffic
  69. Looking To Work On A New Project? Join Me on Creating An Awesome Diet Product!
  70. JV Looking for partners
  71. Looking For Partner Who Can Drive Traffic to Dating Site
  72. [JV] Tired of Getting Banned on Adwords/Bing/FB for BlackHat Campaigns? Let's Partner Up.
  73. [JV] My Site, My traffic, My SEO, Your content
  74. Partner who can drive Traffic?
  75. I have Tons of Adult Traffic and I need someone with an Adult Website for a long term JV
  76. [JV] My software your installs $$$$$$$
  77. Need someone who will manage youtube network
  78. [JV] Have a PayPal Business Debit Card available for Drop Shipping
  79. Great JV Opportunity - Long Term Success - American Partner Wanted
  80. Looking for someone to make use of POF captcha service
  81. Looking for Business Partner to take our Business to Next Level!!
  82. JV Partnership: Do you have access to BizOpp buyers?
  83. My Website + Your SEO or Traffic = at least $3 per 1,000 views guaranteed for you!
  84. [HOT] Big website looking for your promoting skills - 400k unique visitors, 1.5M views
  85. CPA Viral Script With Facebook 500-600 a day [JV]
  86. Looking for elite private proxies
  87. PBN JV -- Hosting, Backlinking, Blog Creation, Articles (My End)
  88. Need to corporate with Twitter Ads Master.
  89. You Provide VPS, SEO Tools and Proxies. I do the rest.
  90. SMS Auto Responder JV
  91. I can do Facebook groups posting on 700 accounts everyday, looking for a partner...
  92. $300-$500 a day Method JV
  93. My website (with proven conversion and profit) needs your SEO skills!
  94. [JV] My CPA Network accounts + Your Traffic - Profit 60% for you
  95. YouTube Channel JV
  96. Facebook Ads JV - I Fund Everything
  97. NEED a trusted seller on BHW to re-sell SIM CARD package for social med Phone Verification
  98. My Authority Niche Site + Your SEO + $$$ Great Potential
  99. [QQ's Partnership] My CPA Campaigns + Your Aged Facebook Accounts = $$$ ((:
  100. Lets go splits on some big web 2.0 properties -- Niche: marketing
  101. help me pick the right cost per action offer... will split profits!
  102. YouTube Comment SPAM
  103. Looking for Diamond Jewelry Dropshippers based in UK
  104. Speak fluent English? Work fast? Come work with me!
  105. Looking for a capable programmer/tech guy to partner with on a content production company
  106. My website and your SEO
  107. News Article Writers & Editors Needed
  108. Looking for a coder to help redesign my topsite list
  109. Looking for Fitness Instagram Accounts to Partner with! Huge $$$
  110. Established website in need of SEO and other Marketing efforts
  111. Looking for someone to sale service
  112. My Ultimate Viral Campaign+ Your Start WhatsApp/Instagram Traffic = INSANE TRAFFIC + PROOF
  113. In need of a partner for Instagram Specific Niche Account
  114. My Adwords Traffic + Your Site/Product/Business That Converts Well
  115. [JV] YouTube + Clickbank : Looking for Partner Who Can Rank Youtube Videos
  116. Decal Business JV - Looking for someone who can run MassPlanner using multiple accounts
  117. 30 Millions Italian mobile numbers , private list, monetizing JV
  118. Website Security Guy Seeks Experienced JV Partner
  119. [JV] Looking for someskilled in codeing apps
  120. Let's get serious. Your Traffic, My Designs. $1k+ per campaign.
  121. Looking to partner with Web Developer
  122. [Domaining JV] Operation Golden Eggs | Very Cheap, Almost No Work
  123. sell my email accounts
  124. Looking for a writer to team up with
  125. [JV] Youtube JV - Looking for partner who can rank Youtube videos
  126. Looking For A Partner In Canada For 7 digit a year biz-SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY!
  127. .net c++ programmer with unlimited ip addresses looking to monetize
  128. Looking for a writer to JV on a blog
  129. Need Internet Partner good at Marketing
  130. [JV] My SMS autoresponder - your Traffic
  131. Help me sell websites in Australia for a %
  132. I Design, You Sell. Good Share. Enormous Potentiality.
  133. [JV] I'll Rank Your Struggling Amazon Affiliate Site in Page 1 and Split Profit 50-50
  134. Instagram JV!
  135. [JV]Starting a journey involving Amazon Affiliate
  136. [Joint Venture] Earn $X,XXX If You Have A Dedicated Hosting (Capable Of xxx,xxx UV)
  137. [JV] Looking for someone experienced with adsense
  138. I'm an experienced software engineer, let me scale/automate your method
  139. Amazon Kindle JV - I Buy your Ebooks with My Kindle Credit
  140. Top Quality SEO With Maximum Efficiency (co-op)
  141. I'm an experienced software engineer, let me scale/automate your method
  142. Instagram Joint Venture
  143. [JV] Looking for Mailing Expert for sending emails.
  144. Looking for a partner to sell keyword ranking & Reviews and Installs
  145. Looking for web developer JV
  146. Looking to make a website Viral
  147. [JV] Looking for Experienced Product Launch Experts/Content Marketing Partners
  148. [JV] I bring the leads, you close the leads
  149. I have facebook tokens - JV needed
  150. Partner wanted for expansion of my personal software into a paid-for product
  151. Traffic Package For Landing Page Package
  152. Bots!
  153. My Explainer Videos your Buyers.
  154. Looking for an expert
  155. Rank almost ranked website for 50%
  156. Site with allot of development, branding effort and content, looking for a SEO partner!
  157. Excellent JV opportunity for marketers, call centres & IT personnels (NO investment req)
  158. I can inbox 1M+ emails daily. Looking for data & offers.
  159. Joint Venture: Niche specific crowdfunding project, Required: Crowdfunding experience
  160. Looking for someone to develop a book review website on a premium domain
  161. {JV} 25% of profit for Your content + My everything else
  162. Looking for Affiliate Mkt expert, willing to help on any coding tasks
  163. [PPV JV]Do you run profitable camp ? I will give you 50% my profit.
  164. Looking for a broker to sell premium SEO domains
  165. [Wanted] Your Software/Site/Idea Related to Proxies
  166. YouTube JV - I Upload | We Make $$
  167. Do you know people & can you sell? I do all the work & you"ll get a great commission
  168. [JV] Content writers wanted for services venture
  169. looking for someone who can sell service leads
  170. Adwords +Clickbank JV
  171. Looking For JV/Partner/s Who Are In The Vlogging Game Or Have The Right Contacts
  172. Anyone Who can provide Youtube views! Interested in JV ?
  173. Pippion / Pigeon Racing App / Salesperson
  174. Looking for Graphic Design/Development Partner
  175. Seaking Ebay Products to sell - Partnership
  176. Looking for writing partners - Average to Good writers are fine - No other knowledge neede
  177. Need a programmer to partner with
  178. Help me come up with Bot/Software ideas
  179. [JV] Looking for a web specialist: Jewelry dropshipping business - No investment required
  180. Need an JV
  181. [JV] Looking for partner in google seo
  182. Do you think there's room for another Tumblr-esque miniblog network? profitable?
  183. [JV] My approved AdSense, my website, my content + your traffic!
  184. I am looking for a JV partner , Please read it
  185. My private high earning PPI software, your traffic (Adwords/Bing, mass e-mail, blogs).
  186. Looking for a skilled business partner outside of the US
  187. Instagram JV - I manage the account - Your Bot
  188. YouTube JV - I create the content, you contact YouTubers
  189. Your Godaddy Affiliate Account and I will provide Traffic
  190. [JV] My team of 50 US-based writers, your KW research and SEO
  191. Clickbank Product Join Venture
  192. My Adsense Account + Your Rev Share
  193. [JV] Need partners for adsense sites or flipping
  194. My android money maker method + your mobile traffic
  195. {JV} Looking for someone with big pages for a Rev Share
  196. [JV] Need someone who can drive social traffic or backlink
  197. [JV] Your huge social media traffic + my monetization method
  198. Innovative dating application looking for authentic targeted android installs.
  199. Have Adsense Account - Looking for Rev Share
  200. Facebook JV Needed
  201. Joint venture on medical advice site
  202. [JV]Your content + Adsense account and my Google news approved site.
  203. Game Studio searching for android traffic
  204. Seeking Another Successful Person For JV Collaboration
  205. Android Games & Apps JV in Marketing,Game Art
  206. [JV] Your MOBILE Traffic (Instagram, Twitter, FB) + My Web development Skills
  207. Public Speaker, Motivator, Youtuber and Videographer wants YOU!
  208. iOS Developers Needed
  209. Have 10 Seater Call Center, Want to do JV with you
  210. Bring your Spanish Traffic and we will BANK
  211. JV CPA Viral marketing need facebook marketers
  212. I have nice email lists in Brazil
  213. Have product ,want to generate traffic
  214. Mobile App Dev looking for Marketer and/or Monetization (designers welcome too)
  215. [JV] My Instagram account your Email Marketing
  216. [JV] Your Classified Posting Skills - My Converting Product (mobile)
  217. Take Advantage of PINTEREST ADS!
  218. [JV] I have some rare collection of arts, want to jv with eCommerce owner
  219. [JV] Can you design? Do you have spare time? Make money with me!
  220. JV-Going back to CPA Gaming Niche and need a partner
  221. Amazon Kindle Publishing JV
  222. [JV] Your SEO and My Site = $$$$
  223. 3 Positions for Upstart MSP: Social Marketing / SEO Expert and Pro Web Developer / Other
  224. Want to start Flipping Website Business - Need a Flipper - 60-40 Profit Division
  225. I create converting websites and you help rank them.
  226. [JV] Looking for viral content Writer and wocial Traffic
  227. Looking for someone having knowledge in credit repair leads
  228. Need Moderators for New Forum
  229. [JV] Can inbox anything! :) Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail... 50-50 JV
  230. Looking For An SEO Partner!
  231. I have jobseeker leads...
  232. Do You Have US based Appointments That Need Closing?
  233. [JV] Youtube JV - Looking for some who can send Natural HR Views [Great Earning Potential]
  234. [JV] Looking for marketing partner for automated WordPress hosting
  235. Adsense joint venture -- Looking for partners with good websites
  236. Niche specific Email list of 11k, looking for someone to send them effectively.
  237. I Deliver the Traffic, You Handle the Business Aspect
  238. Your Adsense accounts + My sites
  239. Looking for someone to sell advertising for a men's blog
  240. (JV) Call Centers, Email Marketers, Resellers, Newbies You Earn $300 Selling Websites/Seo
  241. Cryptocurrency Broker Looking for a JV Partner
  242. [JV] Partner - ClickSure Launch $250 CPA - Weekly Payment - Pro Only
  243. adroll publisher account jv
  244. [JV] Product Resellers On Various Forums Wanted 60/40 Split + White Label Option Available
  245. Looking for a partner!
  246. Partner Wanted
  247. JV - Content Writers Needed
  248. I provide ANY number of REAL instagram likes, you help me promote, we split profits!
  249. need some one who can bring clients
  250. Do you have a good youtube channel? Do you want to make some extra money?