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  1. Adsense joint venture -- Looking for partners with good websites
  2. Niche specific Email list of 11k, looking for someone to send them effectively.
  3. I Deliver the Traffic, You Handle the Business Aspect
  4. Your Adsense accounts + My sites
  5. Looking for someone to sell advertising for a men's blog
  6. (JV) Call Centers, Email Marketers, Resellers, Newbies You Earn $300 Selling Websites/Seo
  7. Cryptocurrency Broker Looking for a JV Partner
  8. [JV] Partner - ClickSure Launch $250 CPA - Weekly Payment - Pro Only
  9. adroll publisher account jv
  10. [JV] Product Resellers On Various Forums Wanted 60/40 Split + White Label Option Available
  11. Looking for a partner!
  12. Partner Wanted
  13. JV - Content Writers Needed
  14. I provide ANY number of REAL instagram likes, you help me promote, we split profits!
  15. need some one who can bring clients
  16. Do you have a good youtube channel? Do you want to make some extra money?
  17. [JV] Experienced WSO Launch Partner
  18. I need content writers
  19. JV - My Software files approved PPI account and your YouTube or other sources of traffic
  20. [JV] We do all the work FREE - You'll earn the bucks - Newbies are Welcome!
  21. My E-book your promotion
  22. JV - Looking for SEO Expert - Real Business - E-commerce - Huge Potential
  23. [JV] Looking for email data
  24. [Niche Specific: IM/MMO]You bring targeted traffic, I give you 75% commisions with bonuses
  25. (JV) With You Providing Adwords Accounts + I make the Money with my campaigns.
  26. [JV] Get me approved and earn $100 for every account
  27. Jv with youtube / social master
  28. Need Experienced Partner (Indians Preferred) - Share Hardwork, Share Profits!
  29. [JV] My Viral Script Setup. Need Your Traffic.
  30. Your CPA Offers + My Adwords Traffic 50/50 profit split
  31. [HOT] My Android & iOS apps - Your city/country
  32. I need someone who can create short animated videos
  33. I'm sitting on 200 domains DA 25+ | Make money with me
  34. Pro devs with 10 years dev exp looking for JV with smart guy.
  35. [JV] My FB aged accounts ur methods!
  36. [JV] I Produce High Quality Videos (You Rank Them) 50/50
  37. Your Adsense + My Site & Traffic = $$$$/mo.
  38. Instagram Influencers make $$$
  39. Looking for people who can utilize my scraped expired domains
  40. Looking for people who can use targeted scraped lists
  41. **I build the sites you bring in traffic!**
  42. [JV] - Looking for partner to create Facebook Ads Account
  43. If you're in New Delhi, India. I am looking for a partner in a sure shot profitable blog.
  44. Need some one to Monetize my international traffic.
  45. Joint venture/business partner wanted in Scotland
  46. Looking for a JV partner: Your Product + My Traffic (Search PPC)
  47. Need a partner to help market my bot
  48. JV with ARTICLE Writer & Seo Expert
  49. [JV] Affilate / Adsense Website (I Build YOU Rank)
  50. Need Adsense Partner
  51. [JV] I do most the work - You make the bank - Newbies Welcome!
  52. I provide manual promotion, you provide niche sites.
  53. Looking for a jv who knows how to monetize twitter followers traffic
  54. Japanese and South Korean Marketing Pro's Needed
  55. [JV] Amazon method - Simple Copy/Paste - Newbies Welcome!
  56. Your product reviews with your amazon links on my website!
  57. Game review website needs revenue ideas
  58. [JV]I got Leads with their phone # looking someone to call them.
  59. CPA Network Joint Venture!!
  60. eBay JV - Looking for Sellers! High Comission for You!
  61. [JV] Looking for partnering on simple Lead generation project - Huge potential!
  62. $$$ - Give me an idea to automate and I give you a copy of the bot for free
  63. Fantastic informational product... looking for assistance with the rest
  64. Manage an Ecommerce (Magento) shop | Dropshipping Worldwide
  65. Opportunity for a hindi songs lyrics website
  66. JV oppurtunity for a innovative project
  67. [JV] If you have an adsense blog with high cpc I can drive traffic
  68. Need jv with developer good potentials
  69. Ranking any site on #1 - Wanna work with me?
  70. [JV] I Do Video Marketing And I Am Looking For A Partner To Handle Sales
  71. My Fiverr Level 2 Account - Your Service
  72. Facebook Fanpage Joint Venture
  73. Looking For Reseller For ASO,App Ranking,App Development Service
  74. Want partner for PPI venture. (I develop, you promote)
  75. JV - help me with accepting payments in South America for % of profit
  76. Need expert Web Desgnr. / I make sales you do work.
  77. 500 000 IPv4 addresses + 5Tbps Inbound bandwidth bandwidth
  78. [JV] I do the SEO you do the rest
  79. [JV] My adsense website your Traffic
  80. JV oppurtunity for Indians - $3k - $5k a month. 15 spots only.
  81. Developing Instagram Account Creator and Account Manager - Need proxies and sales manager
  82. [JV] Partners Required
  83. [JV] I will give you Tinder or any accounts , you can apply your method (50-50)
  84. New Social Media Site. Lookiing for JV
  85. Startup project
  86. [JV]Do you have pokerstar aff account ?
  87. [JV] Want a Web designer to partner with on an awesome website
  88. I am looking for a partner who can advertise my services
  89. [jv] looking for someone with wpcloaker
  90. [JV] Got a little facebook trick for 100 % profile reach and i need a good bot coder .
  91. [JV] Seeking Java or C# Coder for Software Developement. 50/50 Share.
  92. Articles in exchange for backlinks
  93. Link Building Service Joint Venture Opportunity
  94. Need an SEO guy as a partner
  95. Looking for a partner - relatively new to IM - Canadian with resources
  96. Looking for folks to help me increase my shipping volumes and reducing my costs
  97. Your adwords account, my campaigns and cloaker = money!!!
  98. Need an SEO partner.
  99. Your automatable method and my insane botting skill
  100. My Adsense account and your working legit method
  101. [Jv] New developer / UI designer looking for side project
  102. Method Swap Opportunity/JV
  103. Looking for SEO guy
  104. Looking for JV-CPA Projects and PBN Creation
  105. [JV] - Activated Adword and Bing ads account
  106. [JV] Wordpress web designers
  107. Looking partner for adult email marketing project
  108. Dutch language - My profitable and easy keywords, my SEO content - Your off-site seo
  109. [JV] Help me contact YouTubers! 50/50
  110. Join me in E-commerce!
  111. Looking for a JV for my Android Apps download site
  112. I'm Looking For Marketing Partner To Promote Proven Service. Little Competition, B2B Focus
  113. You:Rockstar seller me:all the work
  114. Looking to partner with china based person
  115. ▁▂▃▄ JV ▄▃▂▁My Website --> Your Traffic [50/50]
  116. My level 2 fiverr account=your service
  117. Looking for a facebook campaigner Partner
  118. Looking for content 50/50
  119. Kindle Publishing JV Looking For Talented Illustrators
  120. [JV] My Traffic/Your Product - 60/40
  121. [JV] Need reliable suppliers for amazon dropshipping
  122. Your copywriting/sales letter skills + my exclusive knowledge in an industry = cash
  123. Your SEO - Parasites + My Profitable Keywords = $$$$ [LONG TERM]
  124. Looking for a JV partner: Your Adsense + My Traffic
  125. [Twitter/SEO + PPI] I have the nice, the website, you bring me traffic, we split.
  126. I can make videos and need a SEO partner to promote my offers
  127. Interested in entering the German cosmetic retail market?
  128. My Wordpress Product your Traffic JV
  129. Looking for CPA Partner. I will bring social traffic.
  130. [JV]Earn $$$ if you have big twitter account with real traffic.
  131. Facebook Ad Account JV
  132. ►►►[JV] Looking For Email Lists/Data. I have Server That Can Send 500,000 Mails Per Day◄◄◄
  133. [JV] Need help building my Authority site - In need of Mentor/JV partner
  134. Looking for business partner who is based in Bangladesh
  135. If you have active instagram accounts, Make $$ - $$$ Per day!
  136. Have Email Data? We Have a Mailing Server..
  137. Sell my Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services.
  138. Marketing Team: Got traffic?
  139. Wordpress Web Designer/Developer Partner
  140. Have Fan Pages. You Want to Monetize Them?
  141. Looking for partner who can sell IM software/tools. 50/50
  142. My videos + your SEO skill = $$$
  143. Looking for android developer
  144. {Coder's Opportunity} Ever Code A YouTube Bot? Look Inside.
  145. I have a Team you have Projects - Let's work together
  146. ★ jv ★ Partners Need To Establish Local Pay Per Call Affilate Networks NEWBIE FRIENDLY!
  147. [JV] Looking for partnering on my Game Development Projects!
  148. Need a Partner with Trafficvance or Leadimpact account.
  149. the Adsense Exploit JV
  150. [JV]Looking for online marketers
  151. Looking for native English speaking guru who knows how to sell
  152. Looking for Writer for Authority Site JV whew $10k+ potential
  153. Looking for eBay JV
  154. Kindle Publishing JV
  155. Successful Marketeer, Artist and Designer looking to JV with an Android App Programmer
  156. Successful Publishing Team Looking for Android App Developer
  157. Your SEO Skills- My Keyword + Website
  158. Looking For Traffic Partners -Rev. Potential $5k+ Per Month
  159. French JV
  160. [JV] Need Exp. Coder & Online Marketer for Penny Stock Related Venture (100% TRANSPARENT)
  161. Coders with automation experience, opportunity to big grow. Read more...
  162. Let's Make a Lot of Money with Your Social Networks or SEO Skills
  163. Lets form a team, my site an SEO. I only need content
  164. CPA Campaign OR Clickbank JV
  165. [JV] Looking for someone who can sell INTERNATIONALLY on Ebay
  166. [JV] - I create the app, you monetizate it
  167. Looking for an Awesome DESIGNER & Fast CODER for a Christmas mobile APP Idea
  168. [JV] - Looking for a partner to launch a new social network
  169. [JV] Looking for partnering on my IM projects! - Interested Newbie's preferred!
  170. Can get Android app installs for your apps....
  171. You Bring the Cloaker - I Do the Rest
  172. Android Apps Install
  173. Anyone looking for a Web2.0/Tier2/Tier3 GSA Backlinks provider?
  174. Let's Make Money with IM. Skilled Email Marketer and Tech looking to branch out.
  175. [JV] My Site + SEO - Your Traffic
  176. I provide VPS and black hat tools, you?
  177. Video Creator looking for a Marketer
  178. I can make 10k verified twitter
  179. 150k+ monthly searches & 50+ units a day on eBay. Looking for web developer w/ SEO talent
  180. [Require] Android Developer (Work Together)
  181. Looking For Anyone Who Can Post An Article To iReport.com
  182. Facebook/Twitter Page
  183. [JV] Have a Majestic SEO membership?
  184. Seeking Long-term Partner W/ Large Facebook Fan Page... For Something Much Larger.
  185. I need someone to help sell my traffic!
  186. Let's Start a New Niche Site EMPERIUM together! Only need content
  187. [JV] Have access to unique traffic source for LGBT, looking for the right offer
  188. Looking for someone who owns .EDU domains. Potentially massive money spinner.
  189. Web Developer - Looking for Partnerships (SaaS, etc)
  190. [JV] I have a fb page with over 100000 likes. I need someone to monetize it.
  191. Potential JV
  192. A solid coder(preferably from India). Interesting Long-term Project
  193. Looking for partner for already established hiking/outdoors site: must be good writer
  194. JV - Need Help Launching Software
  195. you have shopping or games related Facebook page ? JV with me
  196. Let's Form a Team, I'll Support You With Traffic
  197. Need a web designer(HTML, Javascript, CSS) for my product.
  198. Looking for Partner on Hiking Site
  199. Together Rich
  200. Logo designer here can do logos , stationary , biz cards looking for jv
  201. Huge Potential---- Nike Shoe Niche
  202. Commercial Mobile Texting-You Bring the Numbers I Send CPA Offers or Products,Alerts,Etc
  203. JV - I could supply 2000+ mail leads daily
  204. Business Idea, Content, Design all Website Setup <- My Job ! Traffic your Job!
  205. Default Looking for Partner - Network of content locking sites (1.1MM pages indexed)
  206. Looking to Partner Up Need Leads in the Home Improvement Business
  207. JV offer to high traffic porn or warez websites
  208. ClickBank JV
  209. Looking for someone Experienced with Share to watch Facebook scripts
  210. Need partner with current leads in the Window Home Improvement field - have callers ready
  211. EXPERIENCED App Developer Wanted
  212. My Facebook page over 60k US real Fans want somebody with proper viral setup
  213. Looking to team up with someone who has HUGE social following and/or uses MyLikes
  214. Looking for a 50/50 partner on a new already existing project
  215. US or UK Based Internet Marketers needed (Good for Newbies)
  216. 10k opens=$500. Need an expert mailer - Paying $.05 for each open.
  217. Monetize Tumblr viral traffic
  218. Cloaking JV
  219. [JV] Your website and aged Adsense account + My traffic sources
  220. Looking for some partners for long term profitable venture
  221. Looking For Partner Who Can Drive Traffic
  222. Authority Site JV 50/50
  223. JV - music industry related
  225. (*)(*)(*) ====> JV - New Linkedin Marketing Software <==== (*)(*)(*)
  226. I build HQ 100+ Page site, will keep adding content - You do the SEO.
  227. (JV) Looking for owner of facebook pages and facebook accounts with frnds\followers
  228. (JV) Looking for a Clickbank Expert
  229. I can make fb pvas , twitter pvas and gmail pvas on daily basis Looking for Jv
  230. Looking for a good coder
  231. You bring me sales I pay you the money. Just that easy.
  232. Need someone who knows how to bypass fb photo verification and upload governement id .
  233. Have a Good Idea for a Software or Service? Get it Coded for Zero Cash.
  234. Looking for SEO Partner!
  235. Got a killer SEO product!? Let me promote it!
  236. Wholesale Import/Export Opportunity
  237. Wanted: Promote Required Item to Businesses (Your List or Mine)
  238. JV: Telesales
  239. Looking For CPA Accounts ..
  240. Top female fitness model guru seeks JV with marketing/sales expert
  241. JV - I provide CPA accounts - You Provide Traffic to Offers
  242. Looking For A LinkedIn Whizz To Add To My Team
  243. [JV] Virtual / Physical PRE PAID VISA venture
  244. ★★Mobile Developer Wanted as Partner - iOS and Android★★
  245. Looking for people with facebook ads accounts
  246. Seeking Partner for monetizing Facebook traffic
  247. Product Launch - Mobile Business In A Box - 100% FE Commissions
  248. Looking for a limited JV who can build a modern website with checkout
  249. I have Facebook Ads Accounts - looking for REAL JV Partners with ALREADY working Methods..
  250. Long term $xxxx a month details inside preffer Jr. Vip