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  1. Looking for partner to make adult video website- Great niche in mind
  2. Looking for People with AdSense Account (JV)
  3. Looking for a partner to build a High Quality PBN
  4. I have lots of dropped domains. Looking for someone who can sell them
  5. [JV] Ebay Power Seller | Looking for partner/product
  6. Build and sell re-seller sites
  7. Seeking JV for E-mail Marketing Partner For High Potential, Low Risk Membership Business
  8. [JV] Looking for a writer.
  9. got plenty of Persian Saffron but need help in advertising or finding big customers
  10. [JV] German Blog with well optimized Content. You provide SEO. We split the profit!
  11. JV (noob friendly) - We give you the spamming tool - You promote only our products.
  12. I have the method, site, and content. You provide promotion
  13. Need Facebook Page Owners For Amazing JV
  14. I have a potential viral app with me
  15. Anyone looking to Cross Promote Android Installs?
  16. You create a porn website, i promote it. (2-5k real hits a day)
  17. Need Traffic For eBook
  18. JV - I will fund your app idea
  19. send me your mobile traffic
  20. JV - My mass upload youtube script and your niches/ideas/methods
  21. I will rank your Amazon product in google....
  22. (JV) I Need Real Adwords expert convert ads into $$$$$$
  23. Got Fanpages And Want To Earn?
  24. UK SEO Consultancy [JV]
  25. [JV] Developer looking for a Marketing Partner
  26. Twitter RETWEETS
  27. Looking to JV with someone of have access to gay leads
  28. Kindle JV: I Write, You Publish & We Split the Royalties
  29. I Get App Development Clients & You Develop The APP(s)
  30. Looking for SEO Guy for YouTube Channel
  31. JV - Looking for someone good with SEO (promised $$$/mo)
  32. Market my Seo Services get 20% recurring monthly
  33. Want to JV with an experienced/trusted WSO Warrior! YOU keep the profits!
  34. Looking for serious JV , Have Usa Active Fan Pages !
  35. [JV] If Your Site Deserved to be #1, we get it to #1
  36. I can target B2B with Voice Broadcast....want high margin product/service to promote
  37. need traffic on my WooCommerce site (iphone cases), 50/50 on profits
  38. Looking for JV with Facebook Page owners!
  39. My Micro Niche Websites + Your Traffic = $$$ - Share 50/50
  40. Test Scrapebox with CPA
  41. BHW want to work with YOU
  42. Website in highly profitable field - You profit per success - Everything in your control
  43. JV - need someone who can rank for a relatively easy french keyword
  44. Looking For Partner [Google SEO]
  45. Looking for partners
  46. Facebook Partner/Mentor
  47. Are you an Android app developer? Let's make some goddamn money!
  48. ===> Joint Venture - I Have A Biz Op Buyer List - You Mail 60% You, 40% Me <===
  49. Ebay Sellers To JV With Me Selling Items In US Motors. Earn $100 Per Sale.
  50. Are you in App Development i got Awesome Software & Tools
  51. [JV] I Need a Trusted Partner to Provide Social Media ( i Do SEO and you provide SM)
  52. I create sites, you drive traffic
  53. Looking For Someone To Help Advertise Online Business
  54. 3 Year Established Website Looking for SEO/Content JV Partner
  55. Yahoo Voice JV - No work for you! (US Only)
  56. Looking to JV with a US-based resident
  57. Need Facebook Page Owners For Amazing JV
  58. Able to send 3000 emails a day? Let's bring in the money.
  59. Do You Have A Proven Formula To Make Money But Require Tools/Content Writing etc
  60. [JV] If you have good data and need to mail it - lets work together.
  61. [Product Creation] Writer looking for SEO expert
  62. Need a PHP Programmer That Has Some Web Design Skill Too
  64. Looking For Monetization expert for JV
  65. Facebook Marketing PartnerShip JV
  66. Looking for a partner for a XXX site, potential in X,XXX a month each.
  67. Need JV on cloaking script
  68. Looking for someone to rank a site for my business
  69. Aged Real Linked account w/ 16K+ 1st connections, Looking for JV for Long term Legit Money
  70. (JV) google-merchant-center
  71. Looking for JV with USA and UK writers - No Noobs
  72. I can provide traffic from Classified sites, Looking for legit offers/ideas/opportunities.
  73. Content Writing JV (I provide the content!)
  74. [JV] Looking for dating traffic.
  75. Looking for someone who can sell (market) my B2B
  76. Looking for an iOS app marketer to make some crazy $$$
  77. Any Adwords and Bing Campaign.
  78. Can you rank easy local keywords?
  79. Looking for someone to bank with me during the FIFA World Cup
  80. Vines Fan Page Help Needed And Possible JV
  81. Would anyone be interested in this $30K/month JV
  82. Need somebody to help me and my client with FB ads and google PPC
  83. Looking for adwords experienced partner. big $$$$$$
  84. Seeking experienced/expert PHP coder for project w/ HUGE money making potential
  85. [JV][Newbies allowed] Unlimited supply of Adwords Coupons, have money making idea?
  86. Looking for someone that can inbox about 2k emails per day at a classified ad site
  87. Searching for SEO partner
  88. Seeking Business Partner - Excellent ranking You tube Service - Lets captialize and earn
  89. Adwords expert needed! We have large budget!!!
  90. I need Good cpa JV
  91. UK Writer is Looking For JV/Partner to Supply High Quality Traffic
  92. Looking for someone to share vps with
  93. FB JV Partners needed with Big Pages
  94. [JV] You write content, I do SEO
  95. JV - need someone who can rank for a relatively easy french keyword
  96. Looking for serious partner for serious business!Residual and Long term Money!!
  97. ★★ Programmer Looking for a JV ★★ Java || PHP || HTML
  98. (Big Pages only) if you have a facebook, twitter or IG account.
  99. I make videos for myself, and for you. You rank both.
  100. Sick high authoirty PBN For you & me
  101. Looking for Adware partner.
  102. Looking for an SEO Expert or Agency to Work with.
  103. [JV] Need help conquering the Adult niche on Instagram to bring traffic to my adult tube
  104. Need someone with an ebay account - between 400$ and 600$ monthly income for you
  105. JV - Need CPA Accounts
  106. Your Technical Partner for Web Application Business
  107. Generate Business, I work
  108. [JV] My SMS Marketing Web App, your Traffic
  109. Looking partner who can get leads for SEO .(many leads) !
  110. Looking for a partner to target norwegian markets
  111. [JV] Your Traffic, My Product = $$$$$/mo
  112. Offline marketing JV - London
  113. Spotify Plays - Partner Wanted
  114. Seeking Ebay partners your account my products money will first went at you,
  115. Seek Writer/Rewritter for Kindle Journey
  116. Need Pay Per Call Experienced guy for JV.Around 6K Profit Monthly each
  117. I have Bing Accounts, Cloaker - Do You Have Campaigns?
  118. [Looking] for someone who can monetize close to pop up traffic $X,XXX/day income
  119. Crowd JV For Youtube
  120. 50/50 Product Launch
  121. YouTube network with low requirement.
  122. Record a Video Series Get a % of a $50,000+ Project
  123. Cpa jv. Your going to rank the site
  124. i can bring accurate ads traffic ,Look for some one for Cooperation
  125. Looking for someone to rank my sites.
  126. Membership Type Website
  127. Starting a 501(c)3 Movement -- Huge Potential, we have investors.
  128. CPA JV - Need a Fast Linkbuilder
  129. Game Developer looking for partner!
  130. JV: My powerful Twitter/IG Marketing for your Facebook Marketing!
  131. Got $5000 worth of monetize
  132. Need help monetizing a few game sites
  133. Looking for web designer (for 18+ website)
  134. My Adsense account, your website.
  135. RE: Dropshipping JV to make $xxxx Monthly - Methods Shared, Support, Etc
  136. You rank the SH!T out of the website, i provide the service.
  137. Pay Per Call Offer - Legit JV Partner Needed (I will get offers approved - Weekly Payout)
  138. Looking for large PPD marketeers
  139. Make 200 to 300 dollars per month - Adsense revenue share
  140. JV promoting sex toys with white hat methods (full partnership)
  141. Looking experience marketer for product launch
  142. I need a partner for my newest JV website
  143. [JV] Looking for someone who can inbox emails. Profit Split 50/50
  144. Looking for someone to rewrite recipes.
  145. Need php/fb programmer
  146. [CPA JV] Some who can Build Links Fast [HUGE INCOME]
  147. [JV] Unique Articles in Exchange for SEO submision
  148. JV - Your article writing leads + our writers
  149. CPA JV-PRIvate Network Account
  150. JV. I have to AWESOME domains (hosted) and need talented content writers. we split profit!
  151. My Printing business, your referrals = recurring income! + Graphic Design partner
  152. Looking for people with e-mail lists + ability to send 'em.
  153. [FR CPA] Your traffic and niches, my "state of the art" landing pages. $1500 RPM
  154. Content writers + Journalists - established venture
  155. JV - Promote My Can Spam Email Campaigns To Business's
  156. [JV] My "masterpiece" landing page, your PPC traffic
  157. Private Blog Network JV
  158. [JV] Looking for web designers, ppc experts, designers, etc.
  159. Reputed member with Jvzoo account or paypal - JV with a product launch
  160. My Designer+ Your Work= $$ for Both
  161. GPT joint venture! 2 people needed! Huge goldmine if done right!
  162. Swap Funnel Links
  163. App JV (need 2 people)
  164. JV - I need peoples who develop games for iPhone / iPad
  165. JV. - You Rank my site, We Split Profit
  166. Find a CPA JV partner
  167. (JV) pinterest method+adsense
  168. [Hire] Content Writer ~ Native English Speaker.
  169. Looking to make a JV with a web designer.
  170. Successful Clickbank Vendor Wanted
  171. [JV Opportunity] Long term Partnership Steady Profits
  172. Top 10,000 websites online based on organic traffic - valuable data
  173. Looking For A Trusted Jr.vip for Joint Venture
  174. [ PPD JV ] Need someone to Rank the Vids [Huge Earnings]
  175. A native English speaker for a very lucrative venture
  176. I bring traffic (Pinterest, Twitter etc.) you have a Website + AdSense
  177. I need someone who knows how to program
  178. Do local SEO for my client/get paid 50%
  179. Your Refferals, My Content
  180. Looking to JV with YT Views Provider
  181. JV with Giveaway Launcher
  182. JV - Can You Create Mass Youtube Accounts?, I Have A Custom Bot. Lets Bank.
  183. 240 Million hungry buyers are waiting for you! Don't miss that chance...
  184. Looking for content writer
  185. Adsense JV- Your Adsense with website that doesn't make money yet (My Traffic)
  186. Nebody selling anything related to fifa ?
  187. [JV] Looking for someone who can bring targeted US traffic - Tech/Gadget Niche
  188. [JV] i can inbox 30k-100k emails per day
  189. Need a Pay Per Install, Pay Per Call Experienced guy for JV.Around 50K Profit Monthly each
  190. JV - Viral PPD Method
  191. JV with Software AutoLeadReach
  192. Looking to JV with an SEO provider that can rank fast!
  193. Commercial Radio Station in a Box
  194. Looking for an App(IOS/DROID) developer
  195. JV - need someone who can rank for a relatively easy french keyword
  196. Invest partner needed for web proxy hosting
  197. Looking for JV Partner your site my banner
  198. I create desktop software - JV
  199. any developers / designers for quiz game / web application
  200. JV for Entertainment Site
  201. JV - I create the apps, you monetize it
  202. Big JV Opportunity - Office of 50+ ready to scale your SEO/SPAM skills!
  203. Building a List in the IM/MMO niche? Partner with me
  204. Looking for programmers, designers and more.
  205. Cryptocurrency - Creating team of experts for the implementation of projects.
  206. Gambling SEO - Almost There!
  207. Content Developer searching for Web-master. [Rev-Share]
  208. Uk eBay seller for 50/50 Buisness
  209. U.S Ebay Seller Required.
  210. JV Wanted - I can send 100k Can Spam targeted opt in emails daily
  211. Looking For Experienced Amazon Affiliate Person - My Website / Traffic + Your Expertise
  212. Your SEO my site and content = win/win and we split profits
  213. You SEO the hell out of our website, I provide service + management. 50/50
  214. The FlippinG JV
  215. My Service Your FB Ads account. Earn Big $$$$
  216. Youtube network. Recruiting channels. Long term partnership.
  217. providing/selling different sorts of leads, need partner/employer who can pay me
  218. [JV] PHP or Ruby/ROR programmer
  219. looking for extremely talented web designer and programer for grand joint venture huge $$$
  220. Earn $550 minimum per sale (Drive traffic to landing page)
  221. [JV] Custom developer here. C#/PHP/Javascript/SQL and Web Automation
  222. [JV] Do you have a Facebook/Twitter/Other app idea? I'll developed it free of charge!
  223. JV - Looking for PPC experts
  224. Looking for a PPC Expert
  225. JV for celebrity website: looking for someone who spreads the word
  226. JV - Completely finished site - Let's monetize this thing
  227. Design ready, niche found, Adsense ready. Need a SEO/LinkBuilder partner
  228. JV - 50x50 with daily payment - Need huge traffic from FB pages
  229. Do you run a Design, SEO, or Marketing Firm? I'd like to partner up for referrals.
  230. I do SEO you do the rest - hard working!
  231. Someone to promote Android and IOS applications
  232. [JV] Growing my kitchenware products + increasing sales!!! E-Commerce, Ebay, Amazon
  233. Looking For Aged Adwords Accounts! Serious JV! Take A Look Inside If You Have One!
  234. YOU: Have Business Blog or Business Site
  235. JV Wanted for someone who can provide youtube accounts
  236. I provide unique content, site, hosting & domain costs, you bring Social Network Traffic
  237. Need people interested in 10k+ daily. Dropshipping partnership.
  238. Educational Games Platform | I Have Traffic - Need Web Developers/Coders
  239. android apps building JV- need someone with google play account
  240. My Niche Website you Rank
  241. [JV] Looking for telemarketer / salesperson
  242. I have dating sms leads -- you monetize
  243. Looking someone who knows Vbasic or C+, C# - Simple Job
  244. Rank My Content Generator Sites
  245. Your Social Network Method And My Automation Skill
  246. I have Websites and Niches, You Rank!
  247. I Create, Post, and Rank Videos - You ????
  248. Adsense Websites Split 50/50
  249. EDM Campaign. My Massive Traffic, Your Adsense Account.
  250. {JV} Can You Get Real Facebook Likes? Offering Equity In New Company/Idea