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  1. [Require] Android Developer (Work Together)
  2. Looking For Anyone Who Can Post An Article To iReport.com
  3. Facebook/Twitter Page
  4. [JV] Have a Majestic SEO membership?
  5. Seeking Long-term Partner W/ Large Facebook Fan Page... For Something Much Larger.
  6. I need someone to help sell my traffic!
  7. Let's Start a New Niche Site EMPERIUM together! Only need content
  8. [JV] Have access to unique traffic source for LGBT, looking for the right offer
  9. Looking for someone who owns .EDU domains. Potentially massive money spinner.
  10. Web Developer - Looking for Partnerships (SaaS, etc)
  11. [JV] I have a fb page with over 100000 likes. I need someone to monetize it.
  12. Potential JV
  13. A solid coder(preferably from India). Interesting Long-term Project
  14. Looking for partner for already established hiking/outdoors site: must be good writer
  15. JV - Need Help Launching Software
  16. you have shopping or games related Facebook page ? JV with me
  17. Let's Form a Team, I'll Support You With Traffic
  18. Need a web designer(HTML, Javascript, CSS) for my product.
  19. Looking for Partner on Hiking Site
  20. Together Rich
  21. Logo designer here can do logos , stationary , biz cards looking for jv
  22. Huge Potential---- Nike Shoe Niche
  23. Commercial Mobile Texting-You Bring the Numbers I Send CPA Offers or Products,Alerts,Etc
  24. JV - I could supply 2000+ mail leads daily
  25. Business Idea, Content, Design all Website Setup <- My Job ! Traffic your Job!
  26. Default Looking for Partner - Network of content locking sites (1.1MM pages indexed)
  27. Looking to Partner Up Need Leads in the Home Improvement Business
  28. JV offer to high traffic porn or warez websites
  29. ClickBank JV
  30. Looking for someone Experienced with Share to watch Facebook scripts
  31. Need partner with current leads in the Window Home Improvement field - have callers ready
  32. EXPERIENCED App Developer Wanted
  33. My Facebook page over 60k US real Fans want somebody with proper viral setup
  34. Looking to team up with someone who has HUGE social following and/or uses MyLikes
  35. Looking for a 50/50 partner on a new already existing project
  36. US or UK Based Internet Marketers needed (Good for Newbies)
  37. 10k opens=$500. Need an expert mailer - Paying $.05 for each open.
  38. Monetize Tumblr viral traffic
  39. Cloaking JV
  40. [JV] Your website and aged Adsense account + My traffic sources
  41. Looking for some partners for long term profitable venture
  42. Looking For Partner Who Can Drive Traffic
  43. Authority Site JV 50/50
  44. JV - music industry related
  46. (*)(*)(*) ====> JV - New Linkedin Marketing Software <==== (*)(*)(*)
  47. I build HQ 100+ Page site, will keep adding content - You do the SEO.
  48. (JV) Looking for owner of facebook pages and facebook accounts with frnds\followers
  49. (JV) Looking for a Clickbank Expert
  50. I can make fb pvas , twitter pvas and gmail pvas on daily basis Looking for Jv
  51. Looking for a good coder
  52. You bring me sales I pay you the money. Just that easy.
  53. Need someone who knows how to bypass fb photo verification and upload governement id .
  54. Have a Good Idea for a Software or Service? Get it Coded for Zero Cash.
  55. Looking for SEO Partner!
  56. Got a killer SEO product!? Let me promote it!
  57. Wholesale Import/Export Opportunity
  58. Wanted: Promote Required Item to Businesses (Your List or Mine)
  59. JV: Telesales
  60. Looking For CPA Accounts ..
  61. Top female fitness model guru seeks JV with marketing/sales expert
  62. JV - I provide CPA accounts - You Provide Traffic to Offers
  63. Looking For A LinkedIn Whizz To Add To My Team
  64. [JV] Virtual / Physical PRE PAID VISA venture
  65. ★★Mobile Developer Wanted as Partner - iOS and Android★★
  66. Looking for people with facebook ads accounts
  67. Seeking Partner for monetizing Facebook traffic
  68. Product Launch - Mobile Business In A Box - 100% FE Commissions
  69. Looking for a limited JV who can build a modern website with checkout
  70. I have Facebook Ads Accounts - looking for REAL JV Partners with ALREADY working Methods..
  71. Long term $xxxx a month details inside preffer Jr. Vip
  72. I got Facebook traffic, You get the website
  73. Your Website + Your Adsense Account + My Traffic + Proven Method = Good Money
  74. 19k+ records of names and phone numbers to monetize
  75. My Level 2 Fiverr Account - Your Designing Services
  76. Software Engineer looking for SEO and IM partner
  77. You Have The Facebook Group We Have The Designs—Teespring
  78. Need a full time partner! Website Designing Expert
  79. Looking for VCC reloadable provider that can be used in facebook ads account. big $$$$$
  80. Do you have a sick CPA Offer and LP but no money to scale?
  81. Product launch Jv opporunity (big potential)
  82. [JV] Do you have email data? I have mailing server configured and can send 75k/day
  83. Developer needed for 20%
  84. GTA 5 Money Cheat niche - Amazing CR and EPC
  85. [JV] Adsense JV - Provide The Traffic
  86. [JV] Facebook Ads Agency Accounts Revenue Share
  87. Experienced programmer looking for methods that can be automated
  88. Your Mailing Lists, My New Software
  89. New Site
  90. Online CPA Campaign - Need Partner With QUALITY Traffic
  91. JV from a Yahoo Answers Expert
  92. I've created a niche Florida real estate sales site, I need an SEO partner
  93. [JV 50/50] Video Creation - You get the Projects, I make the Videos
  94. Lots of HQ Expired domains - Looking for someone who can build a PBN or sell them
  95. [70/30] JV for GSA spammers
  96. Cpa jv
  97. Are you a (proven) Adult expert? Click right here!
  98. Looking for able wordpress site manager
  99. Do you have instagram with 10,000 followers? Make Money To Post JV
  100. Reach 15,000 Active Subscribers Earn Affiliate Cash, Proven SEO that works!
  101. Your digital product, my marketing = $$$
  102. [JV 50/50] You Make Gmail Accounts & I'll do the rest.
  103. You Manage Paid Traffic Campaigns, I Bring In The Clients. 50/50 Share. 6 figures monthly
  104. Great earning potential in short time - Need partner that has a lot of YT accounts
  105. Amazon Affiliates ? - we can make good revenue
  106. Xmas Money
  107. Looking for JV with large traffic warez or porn website owners
  108. I need a proxy supplier willing to work with me.
  109. JV: I have warm ORM leads
  110. Looking for online exposure of my trading platform
  111. Need Experienced Sales Person for JV
  112. ★★Mobile Application Developer ★★ -- Make your idea a reality.
  113. Looking for osmeone to help me with m hosting company
  114. [JV] Facebook 5k friend accounts.
  115. Your AddMeFastBot and My Strategy
  116. JV-Hot,Simple,Profitable {Looking For copywriting professional}
  117. Looking for Female Traffic {Fashion}
  118. JV Wanted - 10,000 New Business Websites Registered a Day
  119. [HOT] - J.V Won't Last Long.
  120. JV-I got email list from different databases need mailer to sent it.
  121. [JV] Your writing, my producing
  122. [JV] Looking for Master SEO to rank my website
  123. JV Bulk email sender needed
  124. [JV] My Udemy kind of Website, Your Content as instructor and or as advertiser
  125. Can Make Multiple Bing Ads Accounts
  126. [JV] Who can drive female traffic 30+ for skin care product ?
  127. Rev share in biz opp. niche with phones sales team- Up to $9k per customer
  128. [JV] My Power, Your Device! [JV]
  129. Loking for a WP plugin dev for JV
  130. [JV] TALENTED SEO guy needed. Bring a website back from penalty for 70%
  131. Facebook page JV
  132. Any Digital Product launch Experts Here?
  133. Looking For someone with Adsense account
  134. Interested in a $50,000 a month business?
  135. Have servers and ips...
  136. I have the products, and handle shipping, CS and processing, looking for traffic
  137. Profitable Ecommerce Venture
  138. Looking for Guy who can Get traffic to My site
  139. Seeking JVs - EPIC Linklists - Millions of sorted, tester, categorized backlinks EVERY DAY
  140. Small time Pinterest JV - I pay for everything, you manage website
  141. Fb ad account jv
  142. Looking for Ebay Account with Positive Feedbacks for JV
  143. Profitable JV YOU want to be apart of.
  144. I have the $$$ you bring the Experience/Skills
  145. Looking for JV to sale eBay & Amazon Stealth account
  146. I can design, have experience with seo softwares, my own vps..
  147. Anyone with access to virtual credit cards want to make some money???
  148. I can send unlimited mails that will always reach the inbox. You have the list.
  149. Wordpress Developer
  150. JV - Designer needs Developer
  151. Mobile Pin Submits High Paying Offers
  152. Looking for YouTube Channel Owners Who Want To Safely Make Even More Money
  153. Looking for Members with CJ and Money
  154. Are you a software developer? Let's JV
  155. [JV] Looking for people who can help me monetize my phone numbers
  156. Looking for a partner to monetize my 55,000 installs browser addon
  157. Looking for somebody with Ezinearticles, Goarticles, etc., accounts
  158. Looking for a JV in a debt website
  159. Your Traffic - My membership Site - 10K Potential Members At $19,95 / Month Fast
  160. [JV] You finish coding my 80% complete WP plugin, I sell it, we split profits
  161. [JV] Traffic from You, Sales from Me
  162. Looking to JV with programmer for moto industry
  163. UK Amazon Seller Needed
  164. My Fiverr Level 2 Account - Your Service
  165. PPC/PPV/Media Buy- Skilled With Any of The Following? You Are in Luck.
  166. Looking for someone to run my ads , you get 125%
  167. Need partner from or familar with Boston to partner with on a website.
  168. Mailing JV 50-50
  169. I need an IM partner!
  170. Downloads JV
  171. the Lawsuit Book JV
  172. Looking For Business Parter To Make Money with CPA Marketing
  173. Facebook Ads JV My Campaigns your Accounts and Funding
  174. (*)(*) ==> JV - Business to Business - Groupon Coupon Buyers <== (*)(*)
  175. Looking For Money Making Partner!
  176. I have a great service for small businesses and I need someone who can work the phone
  177. [JV] Employment/career leads
  178. the Adsense JV
  179. Looking for partner with project/tool/websites ideas
  180. [JV] App developer [JV]
  181. JV with facebook panel
  182. Need traffic for seo reseller website
  183. Adsense JV - My Sites, Your Adsense Account - Get 60%
  184. APP JV: I Write, You Publish & We Split the Royalties
  185. [Monetize movie/serie site] my database with every episode of every series / movies
  186. Earn An Average Minimum of $200-$300 Per Client Reselling PPC Services
  187. Lots of high quality domains. Looking for someone who can build a PBN or sell them
  188. Seeking for JV with Large and Active Facebook Fanpage Owners
  189. Looking for partner to make adult video website- Great niche in mind
  190. Looking for People with AdSense Account (JV)
  191. Looking for a partner to build a High Quality PBN
  192. [JV] Ebay Power Seller | Looking for partner/product
  193. Build and sell re-seller sites
  194. [JV] Looking for a writer.
  195. got plenty of Persian Saffron but need help in advertising or finding big customers
  196. [JV] German Blog with well optimized Content. You provide SEO. We split the profit!
  197. JV (noob friendly) - We give you the spamming tool - You promote only our products.
  198. I have the method, site, and content. You provide promotion
  199. Need Facebook Page Owners For Amazing JV
  200. I have a potential viral app with me
  201. Anyone looking to Cross Promote Android Installs?
  202. You create a porn website, i promote it. (2-5k real hits a day)
  203. Need Traffic For eBook
  204. JV - I will fund your app idea
  205. send me your mobile traffic
  206. JV - My mass upload youtube script and your niches/ideas/methods
  207. I will rank your Amazon product in google....
  208. (JV) I Need Real Adwords expert convert ads into $$$$$$
  209. Got Fanpages And Want To Earn?
  210. UK SEO Consultancy [JV]
  211. [JV] Developer looking for a Marketing Partner
  212. Twitter RETWEETS
  213. Looking to JV with someone of have access to gay leads
  214. Kindle JV: I Write, You Publish & We Split the Royalties
  215. I Get App Development Clients & You Develop The APP(s)
  216. Looking for SEO Guy for YouTube Channel
  217. JV - Looking for someone good with SEO (promised $$$/mo)
  218. Market my Seo Services get 20% recurring monthly
  219. Want to JV with an experienced/trusted WSO Warrior! YOU keep the profits!
  220. Looking for serious JV , Have Usa Active Fan Pages !
  221. [JV] If Your Site Deserved to be #1, we get it to #1
  222. I can target B2B with Voice Broadcast....want high margin product/service to promote
  223. need traffic on my WooCommerce site (iphone cases), 50/50 on profits
  224. Looking for JV with Facebook Page owners!
  225. My Micro Niche Websites + Your Traffic = $$$ - Share 50/50
  226. Test Scrapebox with CPA
  227. BHW want to work with YOU
  228. Website in highly profitable field - You profit per success - Everything in your control
  229. JV - need someone who can rank for a relatively easy french keyword
  230. Looking For Partner [Google SEO]
  231. Looking for partners
  232. Facebook Partner/Mentor
  233. Are you an Android app developer? Let's make some goddamn money!
  234. ===> Joint Venture - I Have A Biz Op Buyer List - You Mail 60% You, 40% Me <===
  235. Ebay Sellers To JV With Me Selling Items In US Motors. Earn $100 Per Sale.
  236. Are you in App Development i got Awesome Software & Tools
  237. [JV] I Need a Trusted Partner to Provide Social Media ( i Do SEO and you provide SM)
  238. I create sites, you drive traffic
  239. Looking For Someone To Help Advertise Online Business
  240. 3 Year Established Website Looking for SEO/Content JV Partner
  241. Yahoo Voice JV - No work for you! (US Only)
  242. Looking to JV with a US-based resident
  243. Need Facebook Page Owners For Amazing JV
  244. Able to send 3000 emails a day? Let's bring in the money.
  245. Do You Have A Proven Formula To Make Money But Require Tools/Content Writing etc
  246. [JV] If you have good data and need to mail it - lets work together.
  247. [Product Creation] Writer looking for SEO expert
  249. Looking For Monetization expert for JV
  250. Facebook Marketing PartnerShip JV