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  1. registration help C#
  2. Anyone familiar with DeathByCaptcha C# API??? I need help
  3. Hide a window by title in C++?
  4. Looking for some C# coding help
  5. increase var1 to var2
  6. HOW webclient/httpwebrequest to send data to differnt urls?
  7. Read line Per click
  8. Encrypt a string in c# windows application
  9. selenium webdriver and check if element is present?!!
  10. C# read csv file row & columns values?
  11. Where can i get advanced tutorials on C++ Programming Game development
  12. hOW TO check the select all checkbox on my G-mail account ?
  13. Learning how to scrape Google. New to this. C#
  14. c# Webbrowser Can't delete Cookies/Cache
  15. C# - How to combine all files into a single .exe file?
  16. [C#][Help]How to click random url from a page
  17. Httpwebrequest (C#) capturing Captcha
  18. how to run code with interval?(C# .net)
  19. Any good trial maker?
  20. please help with host connect
  21. Extracting Confirmation Code
  22. Youtube Bot Automated Queries
  23. How to read line from text? C#.NET
  24. help me . how to Use a sock 5 with webBrowser control C#
  25. C# index outside bounds of array
  26. Shooting Target Disk Evaluation
  27. Please help with httprequest
  28. HttpWebRequest doesn't work when fiddler is not running..
  29. "Hello World" in programming languages
  30. Testing a C# Tumblr api library
  31. How to make Trial version for C# windows app?
  32. Http fb ?
  33. RestSharp 3rd library ?
  34. C# .net HttpWebRequest vs 3rd party libraries?
  35. Working on c# program
  36. Looking for a programmer who can make seo bot
  37. C# programmers please help me
  38. I need help to fix C code
  39. C#: Anyone have a WebRequests class?
  40. Have issue to populate treeview using dictionary!?
  41. Best Place To Hire C# (WPF) Coder for small(ish) Job
  42. Help query search in database C#
  43. Need your help in imacros plugin firefox
  44. [Help][C#] Remove item from string array?
  45. C# Headless Browser, Multithreads
  46. database in c#
  47. Tutorial: A small introduction to C++
  48. Free 8 week c++ class/
  49. Open a random file with C#?
  50. New Bot Design - Tell me what you think!
  51. Basic calendar for beginners
  52. In need of XAML help!
  53. C# Drag and Drop like uBot?
  54. How to input proxy in C#
  55. C# - Local SQL Database. Couple of questions!
  56. C# Text file question (help)
  57. Coding first bot - Couple of questions!
  58. C# Web Control
  59. Bot/Software suggestions - It will be released publicly
  60. A whole new number of possibilities!
  61. C# webBrowser bot posting to Wordpress
  62. C# - Window Forms or WPF?
  63. c# need help with watin
  64. [C#] Screen Shot App
  65. C++, C#, or Objective C? Which to learn first?
  66. Inheritance in C++
  67. C# disassembly and edit
  68. [C#] Your program in System Tray (as icon)
  69. Can you find the output of this coding?
  70. Simple but many of the people don't aware of it
  71. C# and socks proxies?
  72. I need help
  73. I need A C Program [Railway Management / Airport Management or somethign similar]
  74. Delte line from txt
  75. Button Click Using Gecko Fx
  76. Learning C# before learning C?
  77. AddMeFast Bot - Concept 2
  78. How Do You Do This In C/C++? Will Pay For Help.
  79. Youtube Captcha
  80. Best C# Licensing Platform
  81. hey I want to build a top comment YT bot. any suggestinos?
  82. C# - Facebook - Publish on page wall as Admin
  83. Google Keyword Tool scraper for C#
  84. remapping or ignoring all unspecified keys
  85. Multithreading with numericupdown?
  86. C# help
  87. [C# Discussion] Virtual mouse movement and click. Without moving the real cursor
  88. C# Google Translate[MultiThreaded] - EXAMPLE
  89. Doubly Linked List in Assembly Language
  90. C# Oriented label! [Custom control] - EXAMPLE
  91. [C# Discussion] Geckofx /// Multi-Thread
  92. [C# Discussion] Awesomium /// Change Referrer & USer-Agent
  93. Good WebBrowser Controll
  94. C# Double buffer[Smoother movement of image] - EXAMPLE
  95. C# Search [Filtered search(Any ListBox)] - EXAMPLE
  96. C# MySQL Connection[MultiThreaded] - EXAMPLE
  97. C# Spinner [Random spin] - [Uniqueness] - [Combinations] - EXAMPLES
  98. Need some help with C# /C++ What kind of spinners use you?
  99. Youtube Login using C#
  100. C programming learning.
  101. Hi, I need some Help, with some Softwaredevelopment?
  102. Is there any C# Bot with source code ?
  103. c# vs python
  104. Need help reading binary file
  105. Tumblr API
  106. Need help @ C++
  107. Regex issue. Does not behave the same in Expresso and C#
  108. Replace comma with tab
  109. C# codes for purpose of learning
  110. i want to dedicate my life programing, need some tips and advice
  111. Text to Full Width Latin in C#
  112. Automated Form filling in C# via WebBrowser control or similar.
  113. Books in Standard C
  114. Watin Login Dialog
  115. [C++] Example program source with many comments needed
  116. how do u call this counstruction
  117. help me understand forms
  118. how to create Own browser with hiding URL and some logos(info)
  119. C hello world example
  120. Learning C#
  121. Complex Bots -- Anyone done that here?
  122. Need assistence for programming a simple Bot!
  123. [PART I] xxf8xx's Intro to Custom Coding Web Bots in C#
  124. C++ or C#
  125. C++ for absolute beginners?
  126. Direction needed. I want to build a Semi-automatic Web browser in C#
  127. C++ HELP!!!! How do you wrap an array?
  128. [C# Discussion] WebRequest or WebBrowser for web automation?
  129. C# - OCR - Tutorial
  130. C++??
  131. C# Licensing System
  132. I want to program ROBOTS.
  133. [NEED]Basic Captcha Solver Source Code
  134. C# javascript button click
  135. How Senuke create accounts ??
  136. How can I add deathbycaptcha to a program I already have?
  137. Help Wireshark
  138. C# Web Response - No Cookies Returned
  139. How to find Keyword Rank Position In Goole
  140. C# - Skype Group to make bots?
  141. Learn C# with these Tutorials - 72 Top Quality Videos
  142. Threading best practises for bots threads/ tasks / parallel
  143. WebCrawler project
  144. c++ books to improve Logic?
  145. C#: Solving Fiverr captcha?
  146. [C#] I need some help
  147. Need help for YouTube bot
  148. Good c++ videos?
  149. [c#] Text rotation? (names, emails, proxies)
  150. Problem with Twitter profile uploading
  151. [GET] Heaton- HTTP Programming Recipes for C# Bots
  152. C# MultiThreaded MultiProxy Support browser?
  153. [GET] Teach yourself C++ in 21 days
  154. Good book for C# beginers
  155. Hushmail account creation but a weird problem (video inside)
  156. Anyone know Objective C for iPhone?
  157. Youtube login refresh bug
  158. C# syncronizing threads
  159. C# Fill Web Controls - Need Some Help
  160. Best solution to automating Gmail email sending
  161. Facebook Timeline Scraper
  162. From where i must start
  163. Another bot issue with google
  164. Anyone with experience using the WebBrowser control?
  165. Google Maps search
  166. Should I Read HTTP Programming Recipes For C# Bots Book??
  167. C# Google Scraper - almost there
  168. Pagerank tools fails at urls with special chars.
  169. Copy listBox? (C#)
  170. Does anyone know if you can get C# for a mac?
  171. Need advise from you Guys !
  172. Just starting to learn, any suggestions
  173. Best book for C++
  174. Best compiler for c/c++
  175. Need help with simple stuff (I suck at this)
  176. Need Mac c++ compiler
  177. C++: Making Bots
  178. c sharp ide
  179. 1 < 2 .. lol nope.. wtf help lol
  180. [C#] Why does this regex not work?
  181. Java ,C# and Python IDE And Tutorials
  182. [C#]Stupid question about listbox
  183. C# Web Request Bot's
  184. C# Email Library
  185. Example HTTP POST with C# and sockets
  186. What language do you suggest for SEO Bots
  187. Need Help Creating Gmail With WebRequests C#
  188. [C++] Get captcha Solve it and post it
  189. C#: Free licensing system?
  190. C#: How to login to Twitter through webbrowser?
  191. What is the best way to find an iPhone app developer locally?
  192. C#: Click an email in Hotmail using the Web browser?
  193. C#: Where to begin with sockets?
  194. Limitations of C# Httwebrequests?
  195. webrequests vs sockets
  196. C#: Httpwebrequest and Proxies :/
  197. [$$$] DLable Software that does the following ...
  198. Editing desktop icons text
  199. C#:The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.
  200. Easiest sites to spam from a programming point of view
  201. C#: For loop not iterating through a list box
  202. C#: How to split a string?
  203. C#: Need help with this weird httpwebrequest
  204. C#: How can I scrape Twitter usernames?
  205. C#: How to multithread httpwebrequests?
  206. How to simulate typing?
  207. Web Browser Automation with C++
  208. Break out of this loo[p
  209. Connecting Access 2007 database with C#
  210. C#: Email Verficiation?
  211. C# + Google Searches
  212. C#: Open then Populate?
  213. [C#] Reading Post Data?
  214. Quick questions regarding C++
  215. [Help] html form login in C#
  216. How to Program PLC?
  217. Looking for C# Training Videos
  218. Can any one have sample for bolo potocall in C#
  219. Ajax forms
  220. Hello Guys, i could use some help... :)
  221. C++ Beginner CrashCourse
  222. can anyone help in hotmail registration page recaptcha extraction ?
  223. How to make Web-Browser from Toolbar in Visual Studio use Fox ir Chrome
  224. Job for C programmer [Web Browsers]
  225. raw socket HTTP proxy with SSL
  226. [HELP] Attribute id viewer?
  227. cURL in Visual C++ or Visual Basic 2010
  228. C# HTTP Class/Component
  229. need help with plimus handshake ipn
  230. [C#] HttpWebRequest/Socket Sync vs. Async
  231. help scrape youtube url's
  232. C# WebBrowser mouse cursor
  233. C# Webclient Error
  234. C# Yahoo Answers Bot Question
  235. wheres the best country to source c++ developers
  236. Recaptcha trick??
  237. Copy an .exe to a new .exe file using C/C++
  238. C# - most important things for bots
  239. Would creating a similar program to Xrumer be possible using C# (VB 08)?
  240. AutoSpin c#
  241. Article Spinnner
  242. Sending email using c#
  243. asp vs. aspx Help!
  244. question about proxies, threads and multiple browsers using C#
  245. Form Multithreading in C#
  246. Can we do fingerprint recognition using c#?
  247. Is It Me Or There's An Error In This??
  248. how to scrape protected page?
  249. C++ Download from URL
  250. C programs