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  1. What programming languages do you use?
  2. Looking for a domain crawler
  3. Is trying to create my own Autoresponder series seem reasonable?
  4. Email extractor app!
  5. I'm Looking For Some Help Knowing How Much I Should Be Being Charged.
  6. Building an automatic email generator GUI.
  7. A bot that will log-in on Facebook
  8. Any Excel Expert ???
  9. Options for scraping Craigslist for data
  10. Need some help on this please
  11. Need urgent help! Database (Access 2013) expert required!
  12. Multi-page html form integrated with MailChimp
  13. How do I have a form in database open a report in Internet Explorer?
  14. New to HTML coding and management of HMTL website
  15. How to Spoof Resolution in Ubot?
  16. auto download script
  17. Which programming language is...
  18. what PHP framework do you use ?
  19. IDE for Android?
  20. Forum finder, account regsiter, poster, profile builder, category searcher
  21. Mobile apps
  22. [BtNext]Tracker
  23. [NEED]Software like UBOT but for software automation instead of web automation
  24. Need a cracker to fix this closed-source app
  25. [WTH] Zennoposter Expert Required
  26. Looking for software that is able to.....
  27. Google Giving Away $80 App Design Tool For Free
  28. Video Bots
  29. How to automate downloading with a no gui web browser?
  30. [Noob] How to choose a Wordpress theme?
  31. Python web automation?
  32. MyBB Plugins / PHP Scripts on Demand
  33. Web scraping and data extraction
  34. Delivering a one view only video
  35. Am i underpaid?
  36. += javascript What does it mean?
  37. Any Programmers Here? Windows Automation Question
  38. What programming languages should be learned for Android Apps development
  39. Best way to convert a URL to a unique hash to make it shorter (if possible)
  40. Is my PC hacked
  41. Excelsior Jet Decompile
  42. Xpath of a Tumblr photo url
  43. Wanting to move on from zennoposter to coding, which language do you recommend?
  44. no Encapsulation with java - issue?
  45. Which is the best Macro?
  46. best programming language for bots?
  47. Java vs Objective C
  48. OK, Im stumped
  49. iOS View Controllers
  50. How to make an app for a website (requires login)
  51. Running java applet without needed permission
  52. How much would cost this Application for Google Play ?
  53. How to make .js file to load verification file?
  54. {REQ}Viber,whatsapp,tango ... bulk sms sending
  55. Reformat a USB ,Stick
  56. jQuery in iMacros
  57. Extracting pf files dll help
  58. How To Send Mass Bulk Messages at Viber ?
  59. Can't find Source code
  60. what language would you use to read + write over a word document file
  61. Where do I start to learn coding?
  62. Can themeforest track me if I share my bought theme?
  63. [Help] Create Google Services Accounts (Youtube/Voice/Gmail)
  64. PHP search form to manipulate for loop?
  65. Best screen recording sftware?
  66. Making a program that scans websites?
  67. Looking for an experienced web programmer's analysis
  68. A update on my coding journey
  69. Javascript search/sort form?
  70. Translating programs into a different language.
  71. Javascript cracking
  72. Top 10 Programming Languages :D
  73. Traffic Stats API
  74. Has anyone created a social media auto bot with only java?
  75. Can anyone help me convert this PHP function to Visual Basic?
  76. Looking to get into coding bots
  77. App Development - Any good books/guides/advice that can help me develop facebook apps?
  78. Zennoposter help
  79. Is there anyway to stop pop up in Firefox like flash not work and script stop responding?
  80. Tree House - Free Trial - for 14 Days
  81. [Get] udemy paid courses @ 100% discount
  82. How to configure payment gateway in Drupal?
  83. Imacro help please
  84. instagram account creator + profile updator
  85. Let's get a few things clear about multithreading in software posted here
  86. Need a custom bot
  87. ubot not changing proxy or facebook issue
  88. Javascript Help
  89. What does it take to develop a piece of software?
  90. Classifieds add poster
  91. Need Quick Help 301 Redirection htaccess
  92. Treehouse - Ruby Foundsatons/Ruby Basics
  93. How to add multi-user support, server/client communication, ect. to my android apps?
  94. Somebody is good at batch programming?
  95. Licensing system
  96. Can someone please help me with an Html Message Box
  97. Bulk image upload (with source URL) in WordPress
  98. Need simple task from programer
  99. custom bot for a social media site - it need to support multiple accounts and proxy assign
  100. Hostng / DNS location and good response times
  101. Javascript Code Snippets.. Share yours!
  102. EXE that checks home database for number of keys used - Make it NOT do that and just RUN??
  103. How to modify YouTube Blaster Pro and Tube Toolbox?
  104. guys help me how to decrypt this password
  105. Need help with server issue!
  106. amazon scrape
  107. Mobile framework or tool for quick mobile app development?
  108. How much would it cost or how difficult would it be for this kind of script/app?
  109. Looking for Programmer!
  110. What information can a smart phone app gather about you?
  111. Java and C++
  112. Small project here...
  113. Looking for webscraping resources....
  114. Batch Programming
  116. Free adult image hosting with API?
  117. How secure are IOS and Android applications?
  118. HTML Video Embedding Not Working?
  119. Free Autodownloader, checker, ifraimer WSO shells
  120. LP GEO block code
  121. looking for custom instagram coding
  122. NEed Help In FB API - Invite Code
  123. New server causing Wordpress issues?? HELP please
  124. JavaScript as a server-side language?
  125. Integrate YouTube video in the Spotify's API chart
  126. What Makes A "Rockstar Programmer"?
  127. Gui software
  128. Looking to build a new website, need suggestions for best ecommerce platform
  129. Need solutions to build itunes bot
  130. WordPress help
  131. Who can teach a Newbie?
  132. NEED a bit EXCEL help!
  133. How much is a kik bot worth?
  134. Best programming language to sell bots
  135. Looking for a Python Learning Partner.
  136. The Koyal Group InfoMag News│NASA will begin keeping an eye on your garden
  137. want to learn game developing, how to start?
  138. How to keep old pages in new Wordpress?
  139. kh@n@cademy coding
  140. Visual Basic Transparency!
  141. Why isnt there more .js , html / css , ruby, front end languages threads here
  142. What kind of license security does this application use?
  143. I need some custom scraping done . . . whos the best here to work with?
  144. Is it possible to make a little cash as a debugger if I want to just learn programming?
  145. Freelancer Ad Qualifications
  146. usually how much does a custom bot cost if i want one?
  147. Safe & uncracked C# - Licensing Software anything known to be very safe and good?
  148. Looking for Phone verification experiences on Google/Facebook and others
  149. Looking for Bot ideas that are (financially) tempting for me to produce
  150. Share your xp please - Im Looking for good/cheap or free SMS verifications (~ 100 per day)
  151. please help
  152. Fastest way to fix 1000s of broken links in HTML file
  153. How to automatically open a new tab when visitors access website
  154. Free Bitcoins site
  155. Wordpress optin plugin with geolocation
  156. [Java/General] Bot Client - How many proxy connections is too much?
  157. Whois Scrapper Challenge
  158. Need a custom sidebar widget for my wordpress
  159. Getting URL parameter from redirect URL
  160. [HELP] Torrent Seed Spoofing/Mass Generating
  161. BOT Creation
  162. Web Crawler to extract Facebook links from Youtube vids?
  163. What is the best way to install addons to browsers nowadays?
  164. Automatic content spinner code?
  165. Pro's and Con's of HackLang
  166. Is there a software for marketing which can do this?
  167. Huge Facebook Share Button?
  168. My dilemma
  169. Monthly searches
  170. Best Language to Learn to Create a Browser-Based Game?
  171. [Crack Request] BackboneRails
  172. could not login to iptorrents.com via Php Curl
  173. Recommendations on clone of odesk/freelancer?
  174. anyway to get real ip address behind proxy?
  175. Need an AI Automatic Program for my Computer
  176. Page Numbers problem when updating with content
  177. Movable location with mobile app?
  178. [ Help & Suggestion ] is this possible ?
  179. Programs to create Freelancer.com?
  180. [PHP Help] Code Not Showing Up
  181. [PHP Help] Wordpress Plugin - Nextgen Gallery
  182. Help with a website program
  183. Is it possible to hide a cashback toolbar but keep it functionnal ?
  184. Need help building an app [Android]
  185. How to Stop a Wordpress Plugins Trial from Expiring?
  186. cURL pass secure session to browser
  187. Which Software To Use To Setup Private Network Access & Control File Copying?
  188. which is better - 5 db with 5000000 tables or 5000000dbs with 6 tables? :P
  189. Auto-restart a Program 30 min
  190. Help: Java Generic Types
  191. Would like to have a website like cantamato
  192. Mobile App for Wordpress Site
  193. cross domain iframe scraping
  194. Any free translator API I can use for my bots?
  195. My site not showing up in google
  196. Need a template created + Some simple Questions
  197. How much money I need for Android/iOS game App?
  198. confident captcha
  199. How Much Will It Cost To Build A Basic Programme?
  200. I want to learn how to program
  201. Wordpress Payment Form Plugin With Steps In It
  202. PHP CURL with proxies being banned
  203. How to use this code?
  204. Question about grabbing info from eBay to my website
  205. Question about Virtual Machines
  206. If you have web programming expertise, I need your guidance...
  207. Accessing App Store Reviews ONLINE (not in iTunes)
  208. What interface diagram method is being used here?
  209. Help with Amfphp
  210. Question about web developping
  211. Auctioneer for Classified Sites Program
  212. [PHP] Dynamic Sitemap in XML
  213. Two iMacros issues. Should be pretty simple, but I'm a complete noob. Help?
  214. Any programs or programming languages I should use to do the following?
  215. Advice on PPT submitter
  216. looking for live soccerr streaming script
  217. Make Facebook Share button pull Post URL
  218. Code for Header Banner
  219. Need help with Javascript/CSS - Please Help
  220. Embed code generator for tube website
  221. Programmatically check backlinks
  222. Cryptolocker! Anybody know how to get encrypted files back?
  223. Requests for software you need.
  224. Successful SEO marketing Needs you programmers
  225. Seeking guidance to automating java games with image recognition.
  226. freewptools activity
  227. Scraping business directory
  228. Embed mobile site into android app
  229. Help me brainstorm some ideas!
  230. Website Visitor Tracking
  231. how to make a custom install menu?
  232. What should I charge for PSD to HTML/CSS?
  233. Looking for request quote script
  234. Web Bug?
  235. Setting Up A Datafeed?
  236. Help urgently please!
  237. Scraping: Web Based vs Desktop Based
  238. How many time it take to crack a software ?
  239. Options for programmatically logging into a website.
  240. Looking To Setup A Adult Paysite Which Free Wordpress Plugins Do You Recommend??
  241. help with zennoposter for website
  242. Where I can get a cms platform like this?
  243. want to make tool that scrape 10 first results from google
  244. Tracking Data, Trends with Algorithm
  245. Php?
  246. Implementing APIs / data feeds
  247. Download Magento and PrestaShop Extensions
  248. Any MySQL experts?
  249. 30c3 VIDEOS
  250. Looking for a good platform for sound related application