Hey guys,

I'm not sure if what im looking for is possible/easy to do or not. Ive tried looking this stuff up but I cant really find a direct answer so maybe someone here can help me out.

I am currently making a bot and I need it to post to youtube, each video with a separate public proxy. I would simple do this with a broswer like FF or Chrome but it seems that youtube can detect when you are using a proxy through the browser. On the other hand I have been able to upload videos with VPN4All.

I was wondering if it was possible to make my own VPN type of application that I can use a public proxy with (so that I wouldn't have to buy the proxies- as i am going to need a lot of them) so that you-tube wouldn't be able to see that I am using a proxy. If not possible, is there a way that I can get around youtube detecting these public proxies?

I hope this makes sense, and if it doesn't please ask me a question and Ill be sure to clear up what I am trying to say.