I currently have a Weebly site - which is fairly well monetized and recieving 200+ UV / day. The traffic split is around 50 organic, 50 direct, 100 social and it is highly targetted (Making $10-20 / day).

Currently the site is "xxxx.weebly.com" and I'd like to change it to "xxxx.com" - couple of questions if you'd be so kind to help:

- Will this effect bit.ly links to my site? All social traffic is sent through bit.ly currently
- Is there a potential impact on my SERPs - I am ranked fairly well for a few keywords (Mainly long tail)
- Will this ruin backlinking I have done for the site

I would like to change to a real domain as I feel it gives more confidence and looks more professional. Just wondering what kind of knock-on effects I'm likely to get, and if it's really worth it?