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hey fellow members alright this is direct to the non paid members alright it do ...
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    Default time for change

    hey fellow members alright this is direct to the non paid members alright it do seem lately i've been bad mouthing this forum but the truth is im not just trying speak the truth but let me tell you the truth soo for my fellow non paid member you guys doing ppd and earning peanuts while the paid members earning peanut butter but the truth the higher up on this forum keeping all the gold mine and safe private forums and all the good and profitable methods and they give you whats thats why you dont earn as much as the paid members but its time for change. LOLOLLLLOLLOL SORRRY GUYS FORGOT WHAT WAS GONNA SAY WILL BE MAKING A METHOD THAT WILL HELP ALL MY FELLOW NEWBIES WILL BE SPOONFEEDING YOU GUYS
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    Default Re: time for change

    Now that's the way to take to bull by the horns...
    Winners never quit, and quitters never win...

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    Default Re: time for change

    Does the new method include punctuation?

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    Default Re: time for change

    After translating I can only advise to stop posting for a bit and read more. You are wrong.

    I like the future plan tho, but advise not to do drugs when creating it. :P

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    Default Re: time for change

    Jr. VIP has some good stuff, but I've seen just as many people who aren't earning anything in Jr. VIP.
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    Default time for change

    Maybe you should take your earnings and buy some good quality grammar and English lessons.

    Reading your post gave me a visual of a 500lb pimply fat guy attempting to talk with a 5th grade education and a 5lb turkey shoved in his mouth.
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    Default Re: time for change

    heh heh heh heh heh heh

    Does it hurt to know that most of us made plenty of money first with the public methods before investing in JR VIP? At that point, why not support the forum that has free, public access to everything you need to make money?

    What about the people who were promoted to JR VIP and above by PUBLICLY sharing methods? Some of those methods were removed, but plenty still are around. And they aren't even the methods that made me money.

    What about the admins and mods that post their own ideas and methods, PUBLICLY, that have literally made people $Thousands?

    You have unleashed the true spirit behind a lot of members who are begging for methods to make money. You are upset that others are succeeding, and don't want to believe that you have the same opportunities and access to the exact same things that helped people get started. You do not want to work. YOU DO NOT WANT TO WORK. YOU WANT EASY MONEY; GET RICH QUICK MONEY; PPD MONEY. This thread is beyond sad.

    OP, your bitterness is unwarranted. You ARE asking to be spoonfed. Don't try to convince yourself otherwise. Go get to work, or go apply for a job.

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