So listen up guys, I'm thinking about testing out the amazon affiliate business;
Here's my plan:

I *cough* buy wpzonbuilder (or any other wordpress-amazon site generator, if you know a better one)
I buy a bunch 'o domain names that target categories and sub-categories on amazon
I fill the sites up with products from amazon automatically
For the best sellers on amazon in those categories, I even add youtube videos and extra content on the product pages on my site
I buy a small SEO package for each site
I sit back and relax

Now, the thing is, I don't have enough experience in SEO to know if this would work or not, how long it would take to rank, could it have a fast ROI etc...
Do you think this can work? If I start with 3 sites, invest around 30 on each of them, and work in my spare time to update content, etc?

Also, should I target US and UK markets, or, since I live in France, should I rather target amazon france, and french markets? (lower competition, maybe?)

thanks in advance