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I just wondered if it's still worth spending my time to rank websites these days ...
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    Default Ranking Websites

    I just wondered if it's still worth spending my time to rank websites these days or find other ways to gain traffic to affiliate sites I set up?

    I've stopped trying to rank or link build for the past 6 months due to so many Google Changes, I went from number 1 to nowhere for a fairly easy keyword, on a Exact Match Domain name.

    I took me around a year to get there so I kinda gave up after this massive blow. In one year of learning how to build websites, rank websites, buying tools, WSO's, hosting, buying loads of domain names I made 170 in affiliate earnings and -1000's in costs and fee's.

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    SEO is still a crucial part to a successful IM business imo, but it should not be your main focus. You are always going to want a consistent flow of search, direct, & referral traffic. I have found it much easier though to focus on article content & guest blogging. This will help will all 3 types of traffic and as you start ranking for keywords naturally you can start putting more emphasis on SEO.

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    Default Re: Ranking Websites

    For now Social Media Marketing websites are of great help to get traffic....

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    Default Re: Ranking Websites

    Try try until you die :P

    YOU need to be Little Wiser.be More than Normal BH.sta
    Like if you need to stand Out of crowd,You need to think wiser than them
    Learn how google works Instead of Building backlinks..

    But social building helps alot ,Try to get fake fb,tw BUT REAL G+
    You can generate continuous traffic from Youtube
    G+ for every post you post
    just few suggestion

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    Default Re: Ranking Websites


    I would say yes its worth it but not if you are doing things that will mean doing work over again down the line. Then its not worth it. You shouldn’t have to worry about the updates that Google comes out with unless you are doing things you aren’t supposed to. In that case, yes its probably better to find another strategy or you’ll keep redoing things every time they update their algorithm.



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    Default Re: Ranking Websites

    It's worth it if you're efficient with your time and money. With algo's coming left and right, you need to switch your mindset to how you can maximize your ROI on every site you create.

    Spending a year to rank a site that's only going to be shot down after a month isn't the best use of your time in todays SEO stage unless you've got a big brand you're creating that's going to get traffic sources other than Google.

    You've got to the first page before, now you need to get a gameplan set up that allows you to get there even faster, get some conversions and make more money than you spent. It's business time.

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    Default Re: Ranking Websites

    Just look into ranking profiles on social sites instead of, or along side, your own domains.

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    Default Re: Ranking Websites

    Maybe you haven't been kept up with the link building process, SEOwned. Surely Google changes its algorithm all the times but the basic principles are still the same: They value high quality content so if you keeps adding content and keeps adding backlinks to the new content there is no doubt that you should stand in the front page now. And adding social signals to it like G+, FB Like or ReTweets. Don't give up on middle of the road yet. The money you spent on knowledge, try to make it back like create courses.

    In my point of view, it's easy to share your success stories but failure stories, things that make you fail and people can avoid are more valuable.

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