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Hey folks, long time lurker here popping my cherry as I need some help. I ...
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    Default Black Hat Forum Tools

    Hey folks, long time lurker here popping my cherry as I need some help.

    I think what I'm looking for is a fairly specific but unoriginal set of tools. My plan is to put together a forum, populate it with fake user accounts and content. Most of the content will be written by me, padded out with spinned stuff. I've got my spin handled, but it's the forum I have trouble with.

    What I need to be able to do are the following things:
    • Make bulk accounts
    • Have access to those accounts
    • Equally important, I need to be able to falsify posting statistics on a by user basis, IE Posts: 12,000 - Rep: 5,000 - etc...
    • Make posting 100s-1000s of threads and replies go faster
    • A way to pre-date threads and replies

    Even if there's a way to just make batches of accounts would be helpful. I'm trying to get around 500-1000 user accounts created with heavy user activity.

    I don't have a forum platform chosen yet but I'd choose whatever the tools I need require.

    I mean, I guess I could use a bot that's meant to do some of these things on OTHER people's forums, but I figure there's got to be something out there specialized for forum creators to boost their numbers.


    (PS. [other] newbies, don't offer to program a bot for this or offer your services, please.)

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    Default Re: Black Hat Forum Tools

    If you have access to the Database this could be done with ease, Ive done it not with a bot, but importing dumps into it on a daily basis.

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    Default Re: Black Hat Forum Tools

    What, you just fake like an sql backup of complete user account info and just add it to the database? Sounds simple enough - awesome.

    In that event, I could look into bbPress since I'm sure I'd have to host it myself and thus likely make a database. Unless there are free forums that offer that. Hm.

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    Default Re: Black Hat Forum Tools

    God not another one of those, I've spent a better part of the day for the past few months researching blackhat seo on various forums and I feel that half of them out there are filled with fake user generated content attempting to make the site look popular so they can sell tools, services and upgraded membership. I'm done with all the other forums BHW is honestly the only place to go for anything in the field. I think its a horrible Idea, figure something else out.

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    Default Re: Black Hat Forum Tools

    I know, right? It's like of all the inspired and interesting ideas to come to mind, a psuedo-forum is all one can come up with?

    You can do better than that. And besides, just because this is a place for Blackhat, that doesn't mean we want to populate the Internet with absolute Crap. You still want to provide a good value for your site visitors, or at least you should want to, imho. But then again, I've been digging through Google Forums and Google dev hotspots all day, and those people are like Children of the Corn WACKOS about Google.
    It's not too hard to imagine them walking toward you slowly like zombies, "We love Google. We Love GOoogle! WE LOVE GOOOOOOGLE!!"

    And then they kill you and eat your brain. Fun stuff.

    But what isn't fun is your idea. But should you wish to move forward, I'd recommend you try ubot studio, and I believe you can find the best marketing automation specialist there to help you build your splog forum.

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