Right, basically I am a bit indecisive about which route to go; I'm working on an auth page and I will be wanting to promote offline products (shoes, cups, etc).
I am planning on setting up an eCommerce page within the domain and my main concern is which network to work with; this is my view on the different networks:

1- Commission Junction:
- Great array of products
- Possibility of getting high commissions
- Monthly payment straight to bank (even if you are not based on the states)

- Need to get approved by each advertiser... This is a real pain in the ass, specially at the start

2- Amazon:
- Largest selection of products on every category
- Great brand reputation
- Easiest to deal with

- Payment every 60 days...
- Payment only by check if outside of usa...
- Earnings capped 4%-15%

3- ShareAshale:


Anyways, I would love to see your opinions on which one would be the best to go with.
I am a bit unsure as to which one should I stick to.